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To The Eagle:

This month marked the end of a decade long march through the federal justice system by attorney Sidney Powell in which she exposed a vipers’ nest of corrupt federal prosecutors who started with the Enron Task Force and ended up on the Mueller Russia Probe. Her work effected the exoneration and release of several executives from Merrill Lynch and Arthur Anderson Accounting who had been coerced into false confessions, or convicted on false charges. She then took up the case of General Flynn, who was nailed by the same bunch, and proved the same thing: no crime was committed and the confession was extorted. The Justice Department has thrown out the case, and Judge Emmet Sullivan has gone rogue in a vain attempt to damage Trump.

On last week’s Eagle editorial and letters page, the quantity of pandemic purple prose decreased, but the quality plunged from questionable to scurrilous. The Associated Press article appearing in the editorial slot was another Trump assault, opening with five paragraphs concerning the Flynn

case, Trump, and COVID-19, each of which could be described as perfidious, mendacious, or distorted. The few COVID remarks serve as cover for the health bureaucracy’s release of conflicting and inaccurate information, and the blue state governors’ pursuit of police state style lock downs.

Next comes the Bouchard letter, asserting that Cathlamet folks can’t figure out how to take care of themselves and characterizing Paul Schreiber’s defense of our freedoms as careless and arrogant. I’m an 83 year old geezer with a compromised respiratory system, making me a prime target for this stuff, so I go masked a lot these days, though prob’ly not enough to make J.B. happy. On my pilgrimages into Cathlamet, I’ve encountered nothing but good cheer, courtesy, and professionalism. It’s a great place to live. Thanks to y’all for your enlightened behavior, and thanks to Paul for defending it.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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