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WEEKEND--This past weekend marked the end of May and it ended in quite a racket really, as Saturday morning was booming with rolling thunder and later on, the pounding of some rain, but it was brief, so it was only noisy for a short amount of time compared to other places. Luckily we didn't get "shocked" by a lot of lightning like they did in other areas. Sunday was drippy and cloudy but nothing too major so now we'll see if we get that sunnier weather during the week which was forecast. The down side is, the weekend looks wet again, so not exactly bathing suit weather just yet!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from June 4-10 are Becca Keilwitz, Ryan Helms, Brenden McClain, Justin Anderson, Michael Wegdahl, Tori Wegdahl, Blain Fritzie, Chloe Cothren, Jeff Barth, Rodney Ingersol, Elijah Doiron, Nicholas Danker, Sharon LaBerge, Mackenzie Stevens, Johnnie Peyrollaz, Michaela Jones, Shannon Cochran, Colton Reynolds and Scott Ahrndt. Belated birthday wishes to Shelby Hoiland's oldest son, Andrew, as he celebrated his ninth birthday earlier this week.

Those celebrating anniversaries this coming week are David and Connie Shrum, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Melton, Joanne (Cook) and Merle Brockway, Mr. and Mrs. Skip Nortrup, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Moffitt and Kim and Jesse Stone. Here's hoping all your special days will be memorable ones.

SK. REUNION CANCELED--According to organizer Gary Emery, the All School Class Reunion for the Skamokawa School "kids" has been canceled. It was supposed to take place in August at Vista Park, but due to concerns with this virus and current restrictions at the park about large gatherings, it was decided that it would be better to cancel for this year and hold it next year. This event usually happens every other year. Here's to a better year next year!

FRIDAY--According to Deb Moonen Holland, the Elochoman Marina Farmer's Market and "Trunk sale" is a go for this Friday, June 5 from 3 to 6 p.m. There still needs to be some social distancing, so please abide by their rules. There will be a washing station at the entrance to the market and vendors will be wearing masks and gloves. They ask that you do not bring any pets into the market. Here's hoping they have a nice day so folks can get those veggie starts, etc., and folks can sell their stuff out of the back of their rigs and make a few bucks while getting rid of those things you put in the Spring Cleaning to go box!

OPENING SOON--We were happy to learn of the upcoming reopening of the Duck Inn here in Skamokawa, so we've only got eight days to wait, as according to Logan Britt, they plan to open June 12. We do hope everyone will be patient and kind and respect the boundaries and restrictions that must be in place, so we can once again support one of our local businesses. During this extra stressful time, we hope you'll also be a generous tipper, as it's not easy having to deal with all these special requirements but we're so glad they're willing to take up the challenge. Here's to Logan; we hope to see you soon!

SKAMOKAWA STORE--I am happy to say that according to Lance and Shannon Britt, the Skamokawa Store will also be opening before long and we will welcome them back as well. During this down time, they have been working hard on some renovations to the property, so they hope to have them all wrapped up by mid-month and open back up for business. If you're on Facebook, check out their home page as they'll be giving you all the latest information there. Again, we hope their plans for reopening come about and we hope you'll all support them when the doors swing wide!

OPEN AGAIN--Skamokawa resident Carla Keilwitz is happy to announce that her business, the Video Store in Cathlamet, is open once again. She has many of the latest releases, like "The Invisible Man" and "Emma" to name just a couple, so head on up there and check them out! She is located by Gragg's Market along the highway.

OPEN/RESTRICTIONS--Skamokawa Vista Park is open now but it comes with restrictions, which include not being able to be at full capacity or having the yurts available to rent just yet. Plenty of folks are enjoying being able to walk on the beach and the kids get to play on the playgrounds. Contact their office at 360-795-8605 or check out their website for more information.

SPRING CLEANING?--Don't forget, the clothing bank that is located at the small building on the left as you go up Fern Hill Road in Cathlamet is open on Wednesdays, so if you'd like to drop things off, that's the morning to do it. If you need something, that's the day to go! I was told their hours are 10 to 2.

SYMPATHIES--Sadly, the Meyer family has been dealt a double blow, as not only did Frank Meyer pass away recently, but Rob Meyer passed away last Thursday, May 28. According to his wife, Naomi, Rob was in a great deal of pain from various cancers and had been hospitalized, but he was able to come home and be surrounded by his loving family when he passed. Our sincerest sympathies to Naomi as she deals with the loss of the love of her life and we offer our condolences to the whole Meyer family for their losses.

OUT OF THE PAST--This week back in 1950, it had cooled down and then rained for a couple of days before it got very hot again the last three days. It was a busy day in the telephone office and so a visit with friends, the Ralph Bunns, along with Mary Anne Risk and Ellen Foster, was enjoyed that evening. On one of those rainy days, there was a terrible house fire at Esther Larsen's which resulted in a power failure to the whole district. A couple of days later, good friend Mary Anne suffered a stroke and was taken to Portland via ambulance. On June 8, it was a hot day, and a day that was remembered for being the exact day of the Puget Island flood in 1948. The last day it was so hot, the Everests decided to have dinner out at Jim's Cafe, "miserably hot" was her description of the day.

In 1960, the entire week was "lovely - beautiful." It was a perfect time for Mayme Johnson to get all moved into her new apartment and a lovely evening to go to the Grange hall for Donna Moke's bridal shower. Donna Healy stopped by her grandparents home. They had a nice visit and she was bubbling with excitement over her upcoming wedding on July 2. The entire Healy bunch met back at the Everests' as they had been busy moving all day as well. It was a busy week of visits and phone calls from Alice Ott, Kathleen Wright, Mayme Johnson, Gertie Healy, Carol Pedersen and Inga Olsen, the Bunns, the Dowlings and more. It was off to the Seattle airport that week for Carol Pedersen, as son David was headed to Alaska on June 9. Everyone was enjoying the perfect weather for the entire Rose Festival week of activites. All this according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's diaries.


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