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Student weighs in on possible pool closure


Student weighs in on possible pool closure

To The Eagle:

My name is Luke Bohn and I will be a senior at Wahkiakum High School next fall. I moved here from Portland, Oregon just last summer. I worked at the pool last year and it’s one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had here.

I know it’s a difficult decision, but it would be very helpful to ask the right people. I’m glad the pool has another chance, but let me tell you why this shouldn’t even be a big discussion.

The town council looked at the financial side of the situation, and I can see your concerns. However, it’s just counterproductive to isolate that side.

I can’t even describe in words the amount of joy I have seen the pool bring kids. Kids of all ages, ethnicities and swimming ability. In my lessons I saw two twin babies go from hating the pool, to having their eyes light up every time they saw the beautiful blue water. I saw kids in special needs have the time of their day just from being in the water and learning how to float.

The pool represents something that the town needs, it brings people together. I met some of my good friends at the pool, and I have seen many kids make new pals.

It’s not a shocker that there isn’t much to do in Cathlamet, so why take away one of the main places that make Cathlamet kid-friendly? I mean, if there is a school, why not have things that kids can do? Why would I be writing now if I didn’t see all the good the pool does?

I can go and get any other minimum wage job, but I have seen none that have the impact on the community that the pool has.

That’s just one aspect, too. I could spend all day writing about how it provides safety for kids, more jobs for teens, and provides an outlet for special needs and the disabled.

Let me end by saying this. Yes, you could look at the financial side and be done with it. But we should be providing opportunities for kids to experience joy, especially during these tough times. Thank you for providing an opportunity for people to speak out.

John Bohn

Grays River


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