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The facts are available, no need to debate


To The Eagle:

Writing strictly as a Cathlamet resident and independent voter, I felt it necessary to comment on the article in the June 4 Eagle labeled Life under Attack.

The writer made many statements I do wholeheartedly agree with. I do find though that he succumbs to using the same vitriol regarding the Democratic party that many other embarrassed and desperate GOP supporters increasingly have to resort to.

In particular, it’s ironic he infers Democrats are the party of “handouts.” It’s hard to square that circle after after a $22 billion dollar “hand out” to the farmers who support Trump, when Trump’s “easy to win” trade war with China blew up in his face.

It’s equally hard to square the circle on the handouts comment when the initial GOP lead Senate’s PPP proposal was mainly to the corporate community. Fortunately, it was the Democratic controlled Congress that negotiated with the treasury secretary to get some proportionate money back to the average American taxpayer, and both parties passed the bipartisan bill. I could go on regarding the revised GOP tax code changes that unnecessarily handed out billions to corporate America.

“Lies, name calling, ugly labels.” The writer says Democrats love resorting to this. Are you kidding me? If you walked down any street in America and asked what these three descriptions best exemplify, the answer would be the Republican president of the USA, hardly Democrats. Democrats have recently proven to be the adults in the room more times than not.

Yes, most Americans love their way of life, but most are equally concerned about the direction the country is going: politically, economically and socially. Any that aren’t probably aren’t paying attention. For those that don’t pay attention but try to denigrate Democrats anyway, it’s often easier to watch Fox News, believe the president’s daily barrage of propaganda, and just keep drinking the GOP Kool-aid for justification.

And that is why debates to the obvious aren’t required. In this day and age of being able to easily verify facts, all someone needs is five minutes, a cup of coffee, and access to the internet.

Bill Wainwright

Cathlamet resident


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