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PRETTY WET--This past weekend it was pretty wet, like inches of wetness, at least out here in West Valley. The greenery even got so heavy, that a couple of trees came down and one of them took out our power! Thank goodness we saw a bit more sunshine and dry weather on Sunday, which was Flag Day, and I'm told we'll have a few really nice days by the end of the week and maybe even half of the weekend, so let's hope we can all sneak in a BBQ while it's dry. However, with the weather being so unpredictable around here, I'm going to believe it when I see it!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from June 18-24 are Keith Hoofnagle, Mary Baldwin, Lore Twiet, Tom Parker, Dawn Wika, Erik Grasseth, Bailey Havens, Tyson Clark, Billie Bardsley, Phyllis Painter, Tyson Clark, Jerry DeBraie, Signe Sause, Lori Smith, Bobby Helms, Danny Helms, Logan LaBerge, Kay Holland, Nicci Bergseng, Jack Gorley, Joel Moore, Larry Horman, Rhonda Pedersen, Sarah Palmer and Katie Nollan Sechler. Enjoy your birthdays, everybody!

Those celebrating anniversaries this week are Steve and Debbie McClain, Mr. and Mrs. Cal Grasseth, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Souvenir, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nortrup, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan McCoy, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Rolf, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pedersen and Mr. and Mrs. Larri Palmer. Enjoy!

FARMERS MARKETS--We have a couple of different Farmers' Markets in our area, as there is one at the Elochoman Marina in Cathlamet on Friday afternoons beginning at 3 and lasting until 6; then we also have a Farmers' Market in the cow barn area of the Wahkiakum County Fairgrounds on Tuesdays, from 4 to 7. As more folks spread the word and more plants become available, more vendors will be added and with a little luck, we'll get some nice days to come out to these markets, as the pouring rain isn't real inviting. Although it is nice and dry in the cow barn down here at the fairgrounds. Here's to some nice days ahead!

FATHER'S DAY--This Sunday, June 21, is Father's Day, so don't forget to treat Dad to a special day if at all possible. Our area happens to be in Phase 3 so we've gotten to enjoy the relaxing of some of the restrictions that we had been under, so hopefully things will stay okay and we can get out and about and enjoy Father's Day in a much more fun and relaxed way than we had to deal with on Mother's Day!

Still, if you're going out, it's best to make reservations to ensure a table and please "pack your patience." All businesses are having to deal with a ton of new rules and regulations and no, they can't always just seat you right away if there's already the maximum amount of people already seated, so please be patient and be kind and tip generously, as these folks have been negatively impacted by these shut downs for a long time now and could use a break!

GREAT START--The Duck Inn opened their doors again last Friday evening and it was a huge success. I have to say, the rib dinner special was just delicious and everyone there seemed to be having a truly wonderful time back at their old stomping grounds! Unfortuntely for some, they didn't realize that this was not a "full blown" opening, and without reservations, it was either wait for quite awhile for a spot to open or go elsewhere, but that's how it's got to be for awhile. So, if you're going out these days, it's best to call ahead, as things are not back to normal yet.

The hours for the restaurant and bar have changed as well, and at this moment, only Friday, Saturday and Sunday will see the longer hours, as the restaurant will not open until 11 a.m., Monday-Thursday. Be mindful that these were the latest hours prior to my turning this column in. To be sure, call 360-795-6055.

SOON--As I write this, the Skamokawa Store/Resort is not open yet, but by the time you read this, it could be, so let's hope that all their new work and construction projects got finished and they were able to open as planned. As I said, my deadline is ahead of the time they wanted to open, so I can't say for sure if it's open yet or not.

CONGRATS--Kristian Pedersen, son of Scott and Jenny Pedersen, just got to celebrate his 19th birthday with some great news. He made the Presidential list at Montana State University for getting a 4.0 his Freshman year; good job! Naturally, his grandparents, Frank and Carolyn Pedersen of Longview are quite proud of him and this great aunt thinks he's pretty special too. You may remember that I spoke about Kristian before as he is a fantastic guitar player who has often performed with a group at "Billy Blues Bar and Grill" in Vancouver.

FOS VIRTUAL EVENT--In this day and age of technology, we are still able to enjoy some great information and events without even leaving our homes, which during this pandemic, is a good thing. While kayak enthusiast Kyleen Austin had planned to give a presentation at Redmen Hall about her recent kayak trip to Alaska, the Hall had to close, so that was not possible. However, thanks to YouTube and Facebook, you will get to see a live-streaming presentation of her trip and view all her pictures on June 28 at 2 p.m. Just in case you didn't know, Kyleen kayaked from Ketchikan, Alaska to Puget Island, WA in 2019, so that was really awesome. "Exploring the Waters of the Pacific Northwest" is her journey and will be presented by the Friends of Skamokawa and the Willapa Hills Audubon Society and donations to these groups would be deeply appreciated. If you'd like to mail them, the FOS address is P.O. Box 67, Skamokawa, WA 98647.

You can check out all the gift store items and get more info, at They will ship items to you anywhere in the US.

THINKING OF THEM--I just heard from classmate, Greg Lloyd and he tells me that our fellow classmate, '67'er Rich West, may soon be able to come home from a care center that he has been in since November 2018. Wow, such a very long time, but then he had several severe injuries, so his road to recovery has been a very long, and agnonizingly slow one. We hope to share the good news that he is home at last real soon. In the meantime, please keep Rich in your thoughts and wish him a "sooner than later" great trip home. Take care, Rich!

I also want to send some "get well/take care" wishes to Nancy Summerill, who took a nasty tumble recently and really blackened up her ankle and leg. Nothing says "ouch" like a bad fall and your ankle and knee go in the opposite direction as the rest of you!

OUT OF THE PAST--This coming week back in 1950, the weather started out hot - hot! Then there were a couple of warm, nice days but then it turned cold, wet and downright nasty for the last few days. During that time, the river was rising and people here were afraid of another flood, and the US Corps of Engineers established themselves in the area. Sadly, the people on Sauvie Island saw their dike give way and flooded the area on June 23. However, all nine families that lived there were safe. Carol Everest Pedersen, along with daughter Kay and Nancy Pedersen, traveled to Seattle where they picked up Ralph Everest from the Virginia Mason Clinic, where he'd been staying for some time. The family was happy to have him back home in Cathlamet. Patty Anne Everest turned five that week.

Back in 1960, the weather was just the opposite of 10 years ago, as the weather started out cold and nasty and it got nice and warm later. On the clear, cold day, Norm Ellison (son of Erling and Bella Pedersen Ellison) married Sharon Rich. Elsie Everest headed to the Bunns' for a visit and to get a button hook. Later on, it was off to daughter Marian's to get other supplies and another visit. Before heading home, she stopped and bought hubby, Ralph, a shirt and tie for Father's Day. After church that week, it was out to "The Spar" for Father's Day dinner and then up to daughter Marian's for rhubarb pie for dessert. The excitement was in the air as family members gathered around to wrap the groom's cake in fancy pieces for the upcoming wedding of Marian and Leon's daughter, Donna. On June 21, it was off to Cordova, Alaska for Carol, Kay and Marshall Pedersen. Patty Everest was headed to Stockton, CA where she was involved with a music program. Later on that day, it was time for the Everest and Healy families to celebrate Gertie Healy's 69th birthday, where she enjoyed receiving some lovely gifts. The following day, Elsie enjoyed a day at the museum and some tea in the afternoon at Millie's. That evening, Peggy Pedersen got a call from husband, Ralph who was in Alaska. "The fish were coming in." Which is always good news to a fisherman's family! All this according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's diaries.


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