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We must not fight over everything


To The Eagle:

Thank you to The Wahkiakum County Eagle for allowing opinions. I will vote for the following candidates:

Dan Cothren County Commissioner Pos. 2.

I would vote for Mike Backman if I lived in his district.

Jim Walsh State Representative # 19.

Jaime Herrera Beutler Congress District 3.

I have never voted a straight party ballot but this election I can not in good conscience vote for any Democrat since they all seem to think Socialism is the way to go and after all the many good things President Trump has done for the working class and standing up for America to countries that have stolen our jobs and taxpayer money the Democrats just still hate the man. Makes you wonder.

It is sad but not surprising that teachers’ unions have come out against opening schools. I mean why care about the children when you get paid anyway? I am sure there are many really great teachers, just not enough to force their union to do the right thing for the kids.

Still waiting to have a public debate with anyone that thinks defunding the police, Socialism, anarchy, riots and looting are the solution to anything. Come on, you’re not afraid to make your case are you?

We must not fight over everything. Let’s use some common sense and respect for each other to resolve problems.

There have to be 10 Republicans running for Governor; way to split the vote. Who the heck is running the Republican Party in Washington State, Bozo the Clown? And we wonder why Jay Inslee will more than likely get reelected when he should have been recalled for trampling on our rights in the Constitution and killing small businesses all over the state.

Paul Schreiber



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