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NICE--We're finally getting a bit more summer-like weather and with that, it means our gardens need a little extra drink and it also means more people out and about on the waterways, so be extra careful out there. Then of course, the increased sunshine means one should not be leaving their animals in their rigs at this time as those dogs can't sweat like humans do, so here's hoping everyone is adhering to this common sense idea and leaving Fido at home. It should go without saying that one should not leave a child in a hot car, but sadly this continues to occur as well, so if you see either a child or animal unattended in a hot vehicle, please contact authorities ASAP!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from July 2-29 are Brian O'Connor, Randy Montgomery, Adam Fletcher, Levi Helms, Mike Anderson, Aaron Mahitka, Kyler McKinley, John Buennagel, Frank Webb, McKenna Longtain, Linda Wright, Ruth Doumit, Jerry DeBriae Jr., Lesley Horman, Suzet Parker, Mandi Knowles, Madison LaBerge, Brady LaBerge, Carol Cooper, Darcy Tischer, Chris Sauer, Jeff Lundborg, Adrianna Ashe, Tyler Burdick, MacKenzie Turgeon, Halle Grasseth, Ed Stevens, Molly Jorgensen, Paula Monroe Olson, Hannah Davison, Julie Pedersen, Caleb Holtz, Art Pedersen and Kay Pedersen Chamberlain. Here's to lots of yummy birthday cake being devoured along with a nice dinner on your special days!

Belated birthday wishes go out to Jamie Kincaid who celebrated her special day this past Sunday.

Happy Anniversary wishes this week go out to Jerry and Becky Ledtke, Andrew Emlen and Audrey Petterson, Tim and Sharon Schmitz, Joel and Jessie Havens, Mike and Erla Crouse, Brenda and Craig Nielsen and Bill and Kay Chamberlain. Here's to all of our special celebrations this coming week!

Belated anniversary wishes go out to Mike and Julie Iverson as they celebrated their special day last Friday. Mike says they've been a couple for 27 years; good for them. Hope you had a good day, guys!

NEW LISTING--Our Pedersen family recently added a member to its family tree, when my cousin, Dawn (Pedersen) welcomed her second child, but first son into the world last week. She and Obed were expecting this little guy to come into their home in mid-August but with Momma Dawn having some health issues, it was time to bring little Nico into this world on July 17, at 1:55 in the morning, so he was about a month early. At just five pounds and three ounces, he truly was a little guy but he is doing just fine and was certainly welcomed by all, which included his big sister, Isabella. The family lives in Florida, so it looks like we will have to see him via the computer for quite some time. His grandpa, David Pedersen of Arizona, is very happy that his new grandson has arrived safe and sound, even if it meant a little longer stay in the hospital. We're certainly happy that Dawn now has that precious little boy to go along with her darling daughter. Congratulations to everybody in the family!

GET WELL--Former neighbor and postal deliverer, Sharyl Iblings finally got to have the hip surgery that she's been needing, so that's good news. She was in and out on the same day and doing quite well, so that's even better news. We trust she will behave herself and continue her healing process with no issues and be pain free in no time!

Fellow "slough rat" and classmate, Greg Lloyd, found himself at the hospital this past week and was happy to learn that he "only" had severe bronchitis, which sounds weird, but considering he was fearful of having Covid-19, then yes, this was good news. We hope Greg is feeling better real soon as we know that having bronchial issues is not a laughing matter either and certainly no fun at all. Take care, Greg!

Former resident and WHS alum, Ursula Short Jorgensen is currently on the mend after breaking her ankle in a fall, but her surgery went well, so that was good news. Her new "boot" is changing her summer wardrobe just a bit but at least she doesn't have a cast. Needless to say, we want to wish her a speedy recovery, as being laid up isn't Ursula's style!

Katie Nollan Sechler is recuperating nicely from her recent knee surgery, so that was good to hear. Often times things don't go quite as planned and we're laid up longer than we want to be, but so far, Katie is doing good and we hope she has fully recovered real soon, as I hear a new job is on the horizon for her. Good luck!

FOS--Things are going to be quite a bit different this year for the Friends of Skamokawa's annual fundraiser, which for those of you who are new, used to be a live and silent auction that also included a wine tasting. During this time of social distancing, they needed to come up with an alternate plan, so they will hold a "virtual auction," which will be held on "Auction 32" a virtual auction website. This will be held October 9-18, and they are asking that all those who have donated items before, to please do so once again. You can mail in gift certificates to P.O. Box 67, Skamokawa, WA 98647 or other items can be taken to the hall or even picked up if need be, so please call 360-795-3007 to set them up or answer your questions. They will get back to you if they aren't in when you call.

You can also email them at: and of course, you can check out their website at: You can even order things from their book and gift shop from there and if you are a "hands on" shopper, you can make arrangements to come into the hall and buy things that way. I hope you'll help out with the upcoming event with your donation, which is tax deductable.

If you're new to town, they'd love to have your donation as well and get in on all the action. The FOS holds this event to help with their historical building, the Central School/Redmen Hall located at MP 29 in Skamokawa, as well as to promote, support and create opportunities to enhance the well being of the Skamokawa National Historic District and the surrounding hisotrical areas.

LIONS CLUB BERRIES--It's time to order those berries from the Lions Club once again and as always, all monies raised will go to various programs, which are so important. In case you didn't know, they make it possible for others to have vision exams at school and access to glasses, as well as to help with community events. These berries come in 10-lb. containers, are locally grown and are quick frozen with four varieties to choose from. Orders must be received by August 19 and in next week's paper, there will be a form that you can fill out, which will also include a choice of location for you to pick up the berries, which include the high school in Cathlamet, the Skamokawa Grange parking lot and the Rosburg Store on the Westend. If you don't pick them up, they will be donated to charity. Your choice of berries and their prices are Marrionberries $25; Strawberries $26; Blueberries $27 and Raspberries $32. All orders must be prepaid. You can contact either Renee 360-849-4003 or Carol at 360-795-3337 with all your questions.

MARKETS--Quick reminder, as there are two Farmer's Markets each week: On Friday at the Elochoman Slough Marina in Cathlamet, from 3-6 p.m., and on Tuesday, there is one in Skamokawa at the Wahkiakum Co. Fairgrounds (cow barn) from 4-7 p.m. If you're new to the area, the fairgrounds is just west of the Duck Inn restaurant. Turn onto East Valley just past milepost marker 29 (by Redmen Hall) and then the fairgrounds will be just off to the left. You can't miss it!

There is also a monthly Flea Market at the fairgrounds in the Youth building on the second Saturday of each month. The next flea market should be held on August 8 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you like books, there's a lot of them and they have a great deal on a whole bag of books.

NEW FOLKS--There seems to be a whole bunch of new folks in our area and I hope some of you "old timers" have suggested that they find out what's going on in the county by subscribing to The Eagle. I know lots of people are keeping track of things on Facebook, but it really helps to find out about certain things a little bit further ahead of time, and of course, it helps support a local business, which we all should be doing these days. So, if you want to do your "good deed" for the day, go say "Hi" to your new neighbor and introduce them to the county via The Wahkiakum County Eagle! You can have them call 360-795-3391 to get a price quote.

SYMPATHIES--Once again we must give our sympathies to Ed Houston and his family as he lost another member of his family recently. We want to offer our sympathies to the family of Jeanette Boykin Houston, which includes her five children and their families. Condolences to one and all.

BALLOTS--I received my ballot on Monday morning from our Wahkiakum County Auditor's office, so hopefully all of you have gotten them by now. If not, you may want to contact your local office and inquire about your missing ballot. For those who were worried about buying stamps to mail your ballot, well, our ballots for this election are prepaid, so no stamp is required.

We also have new ballot drop off boxes thanks to O'Connor Construction, and ours in Skamokawa is located in front of the Skamokawa General Store/Resort. There is also one located by the courthouse steps in Cathlamet and another one was installed on the Westend at Johnson Park in Rosburg. This primary election ballot has a date of August 4 on it, so you should have it in by then.

REUNIONS/EVENTS/MEETINGS--Most of us have figured out by now that due to the current virus crisis, many and I would dare say, most, big events and reunions and many public meetings have been cancelled. If not cancelled, then they are being held via a computer in "Zoom" or held with restricted numbers of attendees, so when in doubt, be sure to contact those in charge of said things and see if your scheduled events are still "a go" or not.

As a quick reminder, the "all Skamokawa school" reunion that was to be held in August, has been cancelled. I was also told that the Naselle HS Class of 1980 has cancelled their scheduled reunion too. Like I said, when in doubt, call somebody to double check and let's hope our big plans for next year all happen!


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