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Trump is master of distraction, deflection


Trump is master of distraction, deflection

To The Eagle:

The confirmed Covid-19 cases and deaths in America are 4.4 million and 150 thousand. The highest infection and death rate in the world.

Trump’s response to the pandemic? He blames China to deflect criticism for not taking the Covid-19 threat seriously back in January and February, when he was first warned about the pandemic and when we had time to prepare for its eventual arrival in America.

There’s the commutation of Roger Stone’s (friend of Donald Trump) sentence that observers believe was arranged to keep Roger Stone quiet about Trump’s Russian connection.

There’s the discovery that Vladimir Putin (Russia) has been paying a bounty for the killing of American soldiers in Afghanistan and that Trump has done nothing to stop it.

There’s the ongoing legal fight over Trump’s tax returns and financial records. The same tax returns that Trump promised to release in 2016 after the IRS audit had ended.

There’s John Bolton’s book ‘The Room Where it Happened’ where Bolton describes Trump’s incompetence and stupidity, and Mary Trump’s book ‘Too Much but Never Enough’ where Trump is described as having a narcissistic and psychopathic personality disorder.

And there’s the thousands of lies and misleading statements Trump has told since being president.

But what political issue is receiving the most media coverage besides the pandemic? Law and order. Crime in the streets. And the Portland, Oregon protests.

Folks, it’s called distraction and deflection, and Trump is a master at changing the subject and blaming everyone else for his mistakes!

Americans are becoming infected and dying of Covid-19 at an alarming rate, caused largely by Trump’s indifference; but a large share of our attention is being directed to the protests in Portland.

The justice department has dropped charges against Michael Flynn despite the fact that Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, and Trump has purchased Roger Stone’s silence by commuting his prison sentence; but we’re talking about violent protest and vandalism.

When Trump introduced Federal militarized police in Portland, Oregon without the consent of local Portland officials, he deliberately inflamed the passion of protesters which provoked the confrontation that is now playing out. As the protests got louder and more violent the conversation in the media has shifted away from Trump’s failings as president, to Trump’s preferred topic ‘law and order.’

Distraction and deflection.

Fred Lehr

Grays River


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