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What should have been


To The Eagle:

Our Island crier sent several people and myself ‘studies’ of dubious nature. Seems these days one can find a study to fit our thoughts and pleasures. I appreciated the mail, and support of USPS, with double stamps, though the material, not so much. Then there was his writing last week, which prompts this writing.

We have a son who was, as were we, looking forward to his sophomore year, and especially football, as he had been voted most improved, so to improve even more. He is as susceptible to getting and spreading the virus as anyone, including to me, age 75, COPD and emphysema, a death stat walking. That’s all that's needed to answer his fine opinions and weird comments.

Bottom line, as I told my wife five months ago, “Trump doesn’t have the balls to do what it takes, to take care of this virus.” Still doesn’t; Trump is pathetic! At that time, we got masks and necessities to make minimal trips out. We feel safe, while the minions still squabble over the minor inconvenience asked of them by those who know.

I pray we survive this, made a much worse situation, by inaction from the top!

Poul Toftemark



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