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Museum to reopen Saturday, 1-4 p.m.

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TOASTY--As this week began, we started off very sunny and warm as there was no haze, no morning mist, only direct sunshine coming in my windows and it warmed up very fast. We were in the low 90s in no time! With sunshine forecast for the entire week, although a bit cooler, I hope everyone enjoys it, but carefully, as it's easy to get dehydrated or get sunburned, which of course, is not a good thing. So, here's to enjoying the sunny weather while keeping ourselves safe and while keeping our animals and children safe too.

SPECIAL DAYS-Those celebrating birthdays from July 30-August 5 are Ebby Blouin, Austin Smith, John Lloyd McClain, Jackie Lea, Heather Kehrli, Nichole Most, David Black, Brantley Elliott, Zak Everman, Sheran Parker, Betty Huber, Jennifer Norris, Robert Meyer Jr., Sandi Henrickson, Kamie Helms, Cassi Luthi, Fred Hoven, Monte Robinson, Steve Havens, Joe Florek Jr., Danny Eaton, Maureen Zacher, Tyler Robbins, Jenny Blain Cochran, Jenny Sexton Pedersen and 67'ers Nancy Jacobsen Brady, Judy Lindwall Bergman, Marnee Ostervold Davis and Martin Ostervold and one other which opts to stay anonymous! Here's hoping all your birthday wishes come true!

Happy Anniversary wishes for our happy couples go out to Rick and Theresa Kuljis, Jeff and Mary Baldwin, Don and Kitty Speranza, Kyle and Kayli Hurley, Tyler and Annika Cothren, Mr. and Mrs. Luke Thomason and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoven. Happy days, everybody!

MUSEUM OPENS--It's been a long time coming, but the Wahkiakum County Historical Society has announced that they will open the Museum in Cathlamet to the public beginning this Saturday, August 1, from 1 to 4 p.m. Those hours are set for every Saturday through Sept. 5. In order for the doors to be opened, there is a certain amount of protocol and certain safeguards have been put in place for you and the docents, such as plastic shields, plenty of hand sanitizer and face masks. As always, we ask that you sign in, and during this time, it is definitely required. The building is large enough to accomodate the social distancing aspect of things, so there should not be a problem with that at all.

As someone who has worked at the museum, I am happy that the doors will be open once again, as the museum truly needs an income to keep it afloat so I'm hoping that if you haven't been to the museum in awhile, that you'll come on in and check things out. Also, if you're new to the area, this will give you a great insight on your new home and those that work there will gladly try to answer your questions. Sometimes we docents don't know it all, but if we can't find out right then, we'll make note of it and have one of the experts try to find it and get back to you.

One of those people is Kari Kandoll who has done a magnificent job at the museum and she probably knows more about our county than all of us put together, so a big thank you to her for all her hard work. You can contact her at 360-849-4353 if need be.

The always helpful Frans Eykel is hard at work taking care of the lawn mowing and other small jobs that need to be done around the museum, so we truly appreciate his work there.He's the one who got the museum's own mail box set up.

I also know that new board member, David Olson, has done a lot to help get the doors open as well, and will be your Saturday docent in the beginning, so again, many thanks to him and all those who are trying their best to keep this important building with all our local history and displays in it, up and running.

If you can't come by but would like to help out, you can send a donation to: WCHS, 65 River Street, Cathlamet, WA 98612.

SAD NEWS--I know I am one of many who were shocked by the news that one of our lifelong residents and super nice guy, Don Marsyla passed this last Saturday, so very sad. Don was a Wahkiakum High School graduate of the Class of 1967 and his son, Chad, called another classmate, Greg Lloyd and let him know that his Dad had passed on suddenly. We all knew Don to be a pretty quiet guy who loved his vehicles and for as long as I can remember, they were always just spotless, and that went for his log truck as well! He was always present at the local car show and his participation and support was always appreciated. His sister Judy and he were close and enjoyed many travels together. Of course, he was a proud Dad and Chad, who was married to Denise, was definitely one of the brightest lights in his life. We want to extend our deepest sympathies to Don's entire family and to all his dearest friends.

GET WELL--Here's wishing another classmate, Keith Lawrence and his wife, Karen, continued get well wishes as they were unfortunate Covid-19 victims, and while they are over the worst of things, they continue to deal with lingering problems. We certainly hope they get back to normal before long as having those after effects is certainly not pleasant and have been very debilitating at times. Take care, you two!

I also learned that Dale Jacobson could use a few positive vibes sent his way. Here's hoping his current issue gets better soon as well.

Also, I mentioned last week that former resdient and WHS graduate, Ursula Short Jorgensen had fallen and broken her ankle, but her surgery went well and the five screws in her ankle seem to be holding her foot together. However, after coming home, and while trying to move from one spot to another, she fell and fractured a vertebrae in her back, so now she's more laid up than ever! Needless to say, her busy schedule for the summer has come to a screeching halt, and she's ever so grateful to have daughters, Ashley and Molly, nearby to come around and help her out. Luckily she has not lost her sense of humor and given her current situation, that's pretty impressive! Get well, Ursula and here's to no more falls!

FOS--Beings the days are flying by, please keep the Friends of Skamokawa's "Cornucopia of Treasures" annual auction in mind, as it will take place online from Oct. 9-18. Once again they are hoping they can count on you to donate things for this event, so please let them know if you're willing to help. You can send them an email at or call 360-795-3007 and leave a message. Also, if you want to come in and check out the book/gift shop, they are open on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 to 2, but you will need to call ahead to arrange for that and masks are required. Here's hoping we can all chip in and make this a big hit the first time out; who knows, we might really enjoy this new "virtual" idea where we can have several days to bid on things! For all the details, get ahold of them via phone or email or check out their website.

WC FAIR--I don't have a date as to when the "virtual" fair will take place but it too, will be an interesting "first" and I hope the 4-H kids can sell their animals that they've been raising and that those who want to enter things in the fair, can get that done so they can earn those ribbons. The younger bunch can figure all this stuff out pretty easily, so here's to them showing all of us old dogs new tricks and have this be a success. We will also hope and pray that we can get back to all our normal events this coming year, as while we may still raise money or get our ribbons, it's just not the same as being there and enjoying all the visiting of family and friends that come from all over the place during our usual big events.

BURNING--Last Saturday evening, I stepped outside and could immediately smell something burning, and I quickly took a survey of my own property and equipment, etc., and was relieved that there wasn't anything burning here, but for the life of me, I couldn't see the source of all the smoke. With lots of timberland around, I opted to error on the side of caution and called the Sheriff's office to see if there was an existing issue. They said there wasn't but that they'd send somebody to check it out. I was pleased someone from the fire department was sent out right away to check things out. Luckily there wasn't anything catastrophic or illegal going on as folks were simply burning in a fire pit, but beings they were using wet wood, it just really smoked and smelled up the valley. Whew! Kudos to our local fire department for checking this out and here's to a safe and fire free time in the months ahead.


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