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"Workers of the world unite" rings truer than ever


August 13, 2020

To The Eagle:

We’ve read here, again, how those dastardly Marxists are responsible for all the dissidents protesting in our streets and are even internationally financed! To this I say, thank goodness. We’ve sent out billions of dollars in foreign aid to feed the hungry, mitigate disaster, protect human rights and promote ‘The American Way.’ It’s about time some of that generosity found its way back to us through global organizations, Marxist or otherwise, who recognize our need for financial help in combating institutional racism in our own country. The Black Lives Matter movement receives the moral and financial support of not only allies worldwide but also that of the Ford Foundation, as do a host of other progressive organizations promoting social justice.

Funding such a movement as BLM is an expensive proposition. Politicians of any stripe can tell you--it’s all about money and how much influence and propaganda it can purchase. Let’s not begrudge the lefties their fund raising anymore than we would that of our political parties. Unlike the Black Lives Matter coalition, the political oligarchy in power doesn’t have to protest in the streets to get citizen’s attention. They’ve had generations to acclimate white voters to socio-economic injustice as ‘business as usual.’ Their police state has controlled the streets for just as long. How you’re treated on those streets depends pretty much on what ‘color’ you are. Karl Marx was wrong about some things and right about many others. Marx’s body of work examined the pathologies of Capitalism that frequently outweigh its benefits. To create economic justice he advocated, in the Communist Manifesto of 1847, a graduated income tax at a time when no country had one. Today, there is hardly a country without one. In a world where the planet’s richest 85 people have accumulated more wealth than its poorest 3 billion, Marxism’s cry “Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!” rings truer than ever.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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