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September 24, 2020

BEEN A BIT WILD--Last Thursday evening we were treated to a thunder and lightning storm by Mother Nature and it was pretty darn impressive as it lit up the night sky and rattled our windows! I know some folks lost power out Pillar Rock way, but thankfully the PUD got right on it and it was repaired in no time, so that was good. Then we had some rain; the cleansing kind, which brought our air quality numbers way down to just 12, which was certainly a huge difference from that 328 we had a few days earlier! It's so nice to be able to open the windows again and take a walk outside. I hope that hasn't changed by the time you read this as fires are still burning and as we all know, if the wind shifts, our clean air may be "gone with the wind!"

Unfortunately, the Longview/Kelso area took a huge hit this past weekend with a massive amount of rain in a short time which flooded dozens of streets, which looked more like rivers and some had to be closed to traffic for awhile. I'm thankful we didn't get that kind of rain here, as heavy downpours often do more harm than good, but I'm glad we got some much needed moisture.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Sept. 24-30 are Matthew Keilwitz, Michael Zurick, Leah Clark, Michael Danker, Bobby Bergseng, Tammy Johnson, Brett Havens, Ken Bair, Damien Deaton, Dean Wesner, Tracy Giesler, Marie West, Julia Ann Wright, Evelyn Clark, Cherish Petranchak, Monica Wiedemann, Cheryl Backman, Lyric Rose, Blake Anderson, Pete Ringen, Joel Nicolazzi, Becky Keithley, Rownen Vegvary, Linda Newton, Sue Kuller, Carl Linquist, Caitlin Heiner, Shannon Lewis, Mary Wingate, Kevin Weaver, Laura Norris, Edith Erickson, Barbara Shaver, Isabella Machionne, Larri Palmer and Karen Healy.

Those celebrating their anniversaries this week are Tom and Tami Bosch, Matt and Marsha Helms, Larry and Linda Spieth, Frank and Beth Corbin, Chuck and Sheran Parker, Mr. and Mrs. John Burdick, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Doumit, Mr. and Mrs. John Hoven, Mr. and Mrs. Erik Grasseth, Michael and Kaelee Paulsen and Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bardsley. May all of you have the happiest of special days this coming week!

SHHH, a SURPRISE--Let's help Janet Bryan and her family this Sunday, as her Mom, Marie West is turning 91 years old Sept. 27 and they would like you to help in celebrating her special day. They would like folks to meet at the start of Indian Village at 1:30 p.m., and then they'd be going by to surprise Marie with some honks and waves and cheers, so if you've got some time on Sunday, they'd love to see you there!

LAST MARKETS--As this month comes to an end, so will the Farmer's Markets, so be sure to enjoy them while they're here. Friday market will be at the Elochoman Slough Marina in Cathlamet from 3 to 6 and the one here in Skamokawa will be held at the Wahkiakum Co. Fairgrounds in the cow barn from 4 to 7. Here's hoping they get some decent days for us to enjoy our shopping, however there is a covered area at the marina and the one down here under cover already, so, rain or shine, they should still take place. Shop while you can!

LAST SATURDAY--While the Wahkiakum County Historical Society is hosting their last official Saturday of the museum in Cathlamet being open this season, Sept. 26, they want to let you know that special tours, etc., can still be made by contacting the curator. Plenty of advance notice is always best, as arrangements for staff and such would need to be figured out. For now, they hope you will stop by the museum located at 65 River Street, which is "behind town" and to the north (or right) of the PUD offices/garages. Come and check it out between 1 and 4 p.m. Your support is truly appreciated.

AROUND THE CORNER--Just a quick reminder that if you have something to donate to the Friends of Skamokawa's live auction, "A Cornucopia of Treasures," now would be a good time to get that item or items to them at Redmen Hall, as it won't be long until all the fun begins! The "sneak peek" will take place on Oct. 1 and then bidding will take place from Oct. 9-18. I truly wish we could be together for this event, which is usually held at the Skamokawa Grange Hall, but hopefully things will be better soon. For now, get ready to join them in that auction at If you'd like more info, contact FOS Office Manager, Stacey Lane, at the hall at 360-795-3007. They are open Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 to 2, so you can ask questions then or arrange to drop off your items or have them picked up.

BIG EVENT?--Are you or your group planning on a fairly large event or fundraiser? Here's a hint: advertise often and way in advance! I recently got word from an "out of towner" who told me that it took 12 days to receive their Eagle, so I guess you know, if you only put an ad in for an event that upcoming weekend, those who don't live in the immediate area will have no clue that it's happening. So, the earlier the notice and the more often you advertise it, then hopefully the more people will attend and make it the success that you hope it will be.

Making signs for your event? I've seen a lot of them posted alongside the highway and let me tell you, that trying to read them at 45 to 55 mph is almost impossible. If you're going to take the time to make them, do yourself a favor and make them "bold and brief." Here's to your next successful event!

STILL BURNING--There are still fires burning in many places and we can't thank those who are on the front lines enough for all their hard work and dedication. We were truly saddened to hear of injuries and at least one death of a firefighter this past week; truly tragic. There are thousands of good people who have jumped in to help feed and clothe and house people who have been in need of assistance and that's truly heartwarming. Kudos to all those who are helping round up animals and feed them and who are donating for their care. Basically, to all you wonderful people who are showing the kindness and selflessness that is needed in these trying times, please know you are that backbone group of Americans who are truly appreciated in times like this. Bless you, one and all!

IT'S HERE--Fall is officially here and it's time to think about all that good cold weather food and baking and shopping and celebrating, as we've got Halloween and Thanksgiving and yes, Christmas coming! While you're preparing for all these things, keep in mind that our local businesses had a tough time this year, so gift certificates as gifts are a great idea, as is shopping our local stores for other unique items.

If any of you youngsters find yourself a bit short on money, just remember, a handmade card or a handmade "coupon" book for Mom would be perfect and it could include: "Good for a hug," or a "I'll vaccum for you," "I'll do the dishes all week" or any other number of things. Be creative; those gifts are always cherished.

OUT OF THE PAST--This week back in 1950, it was nice every day but one, which just saw a little light rain, but not much. Elsie Everest was happy to learn that her sister Jean became a grandma that week, as the Walker/Shane family of Barbara and Bob, added a little girl to their home on Sept. 26 and named her Karen Lee. Sadly, Grandma Elsie couldn't enjoy the good news too long as husband, Ralph had been very ill and by Sept. 27, she and son-in-law, Krist Pedersen took him to Emanuel Hospital in Portland. Come to find out, Emma Berg Ronning was in the room right across the hall, so the two Cathlamet-ites could keep each other company. Later on though, Grandpa Ralph had to be taken to Good Samaritan hospital by son George Everest and wife Ruby, as he would be operated on there for a tumor on his spine. It was definitely a time for worry in the Everest household.

That week Frankie Eggman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eggman of Skamokawa, passed his Air Force enlistment test and would be taking his physical the next week. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Smith said that their son, Bob Smith, also passed his test and would be reporting to Ford Ord, CA to join the Army engineers.

This week back in 1960, it started out as a misty, cool day, and then a cloudy day, before turning into some nice Fall weather, but then ended the month with very hot, summer like weather. Grandma Elsie was busy cooking, as she made a "hot milk cake" and then some grape jelly. George Everest had moved to California for work and was enjoying that, as wife, Ruby was getting ready to join him in their new home in Sutter Creek that next month. Krist and Ralph Pedersen came home from Alaska that week and had a good season, so that was good news. Carol Pedersen traveled to Seattle to pick them up. Upon arriving home, the Krist Pedersen kids got a nice treat, as Marshall got a new bicycle and Kay got a new pink radio. It was election time and the Everests were listening intently to the Kennedy-Nixon debates, which they found to be very interesting. Alma Faubion came by for a visit, as did Mrs. Tarabochia and they had a nice chat. Sept. 27 was the day that the Kerstetters had a big housewarming for their new home on Greenwood Road. On September 28, Leon Healy, husband of Marian (Everest) turned 46, while his daughter-in-law, Karen celebrated her 21st birthday at the end of the month. Mayme Johnson took Elsie Everest down to Naselle, where they enjoyed lunch at Elmer and Hazel Pearson's restaurant, which was real good and they all had a nice visit. While Krist Pedersen was taking a boat down to Willapa, his Dad, Jonas, wound up having to go to the hospital due to a bad insulin reaction. Mrs. KP headed to pick him up and bring him back home. All this according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's diaries.


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