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Census Bureau has issues to fix


October 1, 2020

To The Eagle:

Why so many problems with the mechanics and people conducting the 2020 Census? I fully completed my census questions online on March 30 and saved my confirmation number.

In late July, and early August two different ladies showed up. Since I wasn't home they apparently put down I didn't cooperate with the census.

I called the census toll free number and explained. The lady there said just to ignore the paper the prior ladies left.

About Sept 1 a young man showed up, saying they will keep returning until I complete the census. He became very surprised when I showed him I completed the census online March 30 and showed him the confirmation.

He said he would contact his supervisor personally to fix it.

Then comes Sept 24. A different census gentleman shows up. He again has census questions. Again I show him my confirmation number from March. He says they know, but their computers "dumped all the data."

He says he also had to return to 14 homes in Cathlamet the previous day for the same problem.

Is this the best the U.S. Government Census Bureau can do?

So, counting my initial online submittal, and four visits by census personnel, that's five total attempts.

I wrote about this matter complaining to Rep. Jaime Herra Buetler today.

Hoping for more than a "Boiler plate" response from her about correcting the broken Census Bureau issues.

Tim Tarabochia



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