Our nation is under attack


October 1, 2020

To The Eagle:

As a conservative Christian voter, this upcoming election will find me backing President Trump for another term. I am backing the party platform that most closely reflects the integrity of our United States Constitution and the responsibility that comes with the beliefs of the Christian faith. In days past God fully evidenced His wrath in the destruction of entire cities and kingdoms for less than what is happening in today’s America.

Our nation is under attack. Our enemy has not marched through our borders and demanded allegiance, nor does it bear the name of Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Rather, our enemy has been stealthy; slowly eroding the core values of our founding fathers and therewith the hopes and dreams of millions who have ventured to America’s shores in anticipation of liberty, freedom and equality. Our enemy is embedded in the ideals of global strategists, content only when our country has bent its knee to their dictates. These manipulators of truth run toward corruption and the very life-blood of our nation. They are lovers of self more than the lovers of God and support an agenda that bites at the heels of our Republic.

Two hundred thousand deaths in backwash of a virus is a tragedy, but what then is the deliberate murder of 40 million of our very own babies? An American Holocaust. The conservative Christan voter of today embraces without compromise, the God given gift of life; the essential cornerstone by which all else on earth receives its validation. To devalue life is to lose hold of the eternal purpose of our creation.

It is not the Spotted Owl, the beautiful Redwoods or Humpback Whales that are an “endangered species,” but rather, it is humanity itself. Vote for the platform that will best provide a sure future for our children. A future that doesn’t end in a suction hose. The Republican platform supports the right to life. All life matters.

Shari Miethe McKay



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