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Backman respects the community

To The Eagle:

As a life long resident of Wahkiakum County, I appreciate Commissioner Mike Backman as he works for all county residents. I recognize his efforts in building collaborations with local, regional and state entities to help make us stronger as with the creation of new board positions for Wahkiakum County on Lower Columbia CAP, S.W. Washington Workforce Development and working for continued Wahkiakum County/Town of Cathlamet representation on the Council of Governments Executive Board.

Mike fought to increase funding for Wahkiakum County Weed Control, helped build regional weed control partnerships, recruited new volunteers to serve on the county weed board and helped secure the state aquatic weed application permit. This, combined with the county's hiring of Andy Lea gives one hope to bring control of invasive vegetation prevalent within our county.

With his position on the Lower Columbia Salmon Recovery Board, Mike advocates for improving fish habitat and monitoring impacts on salmon recovery work. This resulted in new monitoring components to project development.

As a member of two county non profit organizations that rely on salmon as part of their major fundraiser, I am thankful for Mike's generosity with his donation of the needed salmon. Along with the donation, he also volunteers with these groups in the preparation to serve the dinner. Monies earned through the Wahkiakum 4-H sponsored Covered Bridge Dinner are used for scholarships to our graduating seniors continued education, Know Your Government scholarships and yearly membership dues.

I am thankful of Mike's respect for his community with the decision to not go door to door with his campaign. Mike has my vote.

Carol A. Ervest

Deep River


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