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Voter likes Backman

To The Eagle:

I met Mike Backman right after moving to Cathlamet in 2016. Mike asked whether I would put his election sign in my window. I asked him to tell me why I would do that. He convinced me while discussing his philosophy and goals; I put the sign in the window and then. boy, did I get grief about that decision.

Mike continued to help shape my view of Cathlamet and Wahkiakum County by inviting me to the famous “Pot Forum,” introducing me to Johnson Park and the importance of supporting the entire county, asking for my family’s opinions and assistance on bike trail mapping, inviting me to meet legislators in Olympia, brain-storming creation of “Co-lab” work spaces to help visitors and neighbors gain access to broadband and meeting space, and willingly discussing ideas and providing history of other organizations and people working toward similar goals.

I feel lucky having had Mike as the county commissioner attending the Cathlamet Town Council meetings and working on other community projects alongside me. Mike believes there is only one community in Wahkiakum, and that belief colored my way of hearing and seeing issues and challenges early on. Mike has always been there when I called, whether to help me flush out ideas and/or broaden my viewpoint. We are both committed to helping the community thrive and grow and have always been able to put aside our differences to move forward on ideas and projects. I was extremely appreciative of his support both in concept and by active participation in meetings while looking at extending the sewer system beyond town limits.

It has been a pleasure working with Mike and getting to know his large landscape of interests, talents, and concerns. I expect to continue working with Mike on the many projects he is pursuing. Mike is determined to make Wahkiakum County a better place for all.

Laurel Waller



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