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By Suzanne Holmes
President, Pioneer Community Assoc. 

PCA sponsoring clean-up-the-town


October 15, 2020

“If your eyes can see a problem and your mouth can talk about it, then it’s time to get your head, heart, and hands busy working to solve it.”

Don’t bother googling to see who said this, it was by my grandmother, and my guess is that we all have heard variations of this admonition from our wise elders. She strongly believed that our actions were more important than our words and that our actions in service to others were the most important of all. Perhaps the most famous call to service for me was issued on January 20, 1961, when newly elected President John F. Kennedy inspired children and adults to see the importance of civic action and public service. His words, “And so my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country” challenged us all to contribute to the public good.

Since 1992, America has officially recognized the power of volunteer service in our country with Make A Difference Day. On the fourth Saturday in October volunteers across the country contribute their time and energy to make this world a better place. A few years ago, The Pioneer Community Association (PCA) invited community members to join us to Tidy Up the Town (TUTT) in local recognition of Make A Difference Day. Many showed up with rakes, wheelbarrows, shovels, buckets, and gloves to remove weeds, clean up flower beds, and trim shrubs as we worked to make our Main Street shine. Subsequent TUTT events have had crews working on Erickson Park, Strong Park, the Waterfront Trail, Courthouse Square, Welcome to Cathlamet signs, Julia Butler Hansen Residence, Wahkiakum County Museum, Cathlamet Pioneer Center, Cathlamet Community Center/Library, and always, Main Street.

This year its time to return to both Erickson Park and Strong Park. They need attention and we are partnering with the Town to clear small shrubs and refresh these public spaces. Weed eaters, rakes, clippers, wheelbarrows, shovels and small chain saws (14” bar or less) are needed to get the job done. The Town will provide personnel and an onsite woodchipper. The work at Erickson and Strong Parks is best suited for people over 14. Families with younger children can work on weeding the Courthouse Square or Wahkiakum County Museum.

We will be following covid-19 safety protocols and requiring volunteers to wear masks and gloves. All volunteers are expected to sign in. There will be a safety and task assignment meeting before work begins. I welcome your questions and comments and you can reach me at or 360-430-3771.

Mark your calendar for 9 a.m. Saturday, October 24th and join us at Erickson Park to celebrate National Make A Difference Day. We will take a group photo, review safety concerns and requirements, answer any questions and send you off to help Tidy Up the Town. Our Town, Our Parks, Our Job.


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