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Backman is a unifier

To The Eagle:

On every level of our Democratic Republic it is important to elect quality individuals who represent all of the people. Mike Backman has a proven record of serving the best interests of all of his constituents and the county.

Mike is a true independent. That is, although strong in his convictions he keeps an open mind and listens to those who may disagree or have other points of view.

Mike does not wear his partisan politics on his sleeve and/or delegitimize or disrespect others with different positions or views. He realizes that they are most often just as intelligent, informed and patriotic as he is, just have another perspective. He gets out among his constituents rather than just with his immediate circle.

Before covid-19 Mike was often seen volunteering at the community center when the main host had other commitments.

When the iconic Johnson house, which has served for living generations well for events and community gatherings was in danger of being quick sold on the internet and most likely destroyed, Mike stepped in to work with different groups and interest for a workable alternative to handle the fixed cost of maintenance and put the building to use, aware that the taxpayers over the years had invested a lot to modernize the building.

A workable alternative to save the building with Mike and the other commissioners was worked out. Due to covid-19 and pending repairs that was changed but there are workable alternatives in motion.

This iconic building, an integral part of our shared history, is still standing.

Ensure Mike works with all the citizens to find innovative solutions to problems.

Mike is a unifier not a divider. He not only talks the talk he walks the walk.

James Burnett



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