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To The Eagle:

I received a newspaper sample in the mail the other day, The Epoch Times. Finally a newspaper that I feel is good journalism, not filled with propaganda and bias. I now subscribe to it and also its website online. If you’re like me, tired of reading bias and propaganda, this is the best news source so far. It includes news not just here nationwide but worldwide. It truly is an eye opener and very informative. In fact I feel at ease reading it.

Another good website to read is the American Frontline Doctors: but you need to sign up for it. Why? Because You-Tube banned and censored it supposedly for “violating You-Tube’s Community Guidelines” which is a joke considering You-Tube allows violence, bullies, false information on health, politics and so on. So why censor this subject? I thought this is a free country and free speech. You can decide for yourself.

On October 4th a group of doctors worldwide signed a declaration agreement called the Great Barrington Declaration. It’s about doctors showing “grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection.” The report is not long but I think you’ll find it interesting to read. You can find it online: I do not see Dr. Fauci on the list.

Why are we not informed of this? I’m sure our legislators are aware of this but are silent about it and yet they mandated a law for us to wear a mask. This does not sound like they’re doing it for our health’s sake; more like control. You decide.

Toni Below



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Zosimoff writes:

Dr. Fauci didn't sign it because it's absurdly misguided, and lacks any plan at all for mitigating the virus and totally misrepresents heard immunity. Certainly there is a down side to lock-downs, but it's not an either or proposition. As for the Epoch's owned by a new age religious cult called Falun Gong. I'd hardly consider them as reputable or unbiased.

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