Writer: Eagle is fair and objective


November 19, 2020

To The Eagle:

I take exception to Mary Fine’s letter claiming The Eagle was biased against President Trump. I’ve seen, read and published opinions in many of our nation’s newspapers and testified in their behalf before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee.

The Eagle and Mr. Nelson impresses me as fair and objective. It’s a difficult time for small papers; even large ones have been going out of business. Mr. Nelson covers the main stories, but each bit of print costs money. As to Mr. Trump, there are certainly many stories that were not covered, including when he was court-ordered to repay $2 million he embezzled from veterans. I saw no breakdown or analysis of Trump’s income taxes either, where he was able to write off $57,000 in hair styling as well as Stormy Daniel’s expenses. I also missed about how 6-7 of Trump’s closest associates have been either indicted or convicted of serious offenses.

The Eagle may be the only reliable source of news in Wahkiakum County. In local social media, a person repeatedly claimed Culp was going to be the next governor and those who disagreed were booted. Perhaps some readers want The Eagle to declare that Trump and Culp actually won the elections; maybe they think Trump will prevail in some lawsuit and overturn the results, however, The Eagle might have informed her that Trump has won one out of 19 suits in the past. As an attorney, I have examined some of Trump’s current filings and promise you there is no chance this election will be overturned.

. . . Wise people are neither 100% liberal or conservative, and it’s fine to look at issues from more than one angle. That The Eagle printed Mary Fine’s letter exhibits a basic fairness. A community needs its own newspaper, and the Seattle Times probably couldn’t pronounce or even find Cathlamet or Skamokawa, let alone cover our news . . . Small papers are vital to American communities. When the Brooklyn Eagle newspaper shut down during the 1950’s, Brooklyn lost its voice, and this resulted in the relocation of the Dodgers, one of the most beloved teams in the history of sports. Certainly the New York Times with its New York Yankees wasn’t going to advocate for its rivals. Let’s appreciate and support what businesses we have.

Steve Fischer

El Paso and Skamokawa.


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