We can help each other during pandemic


December 10, 2020

To The Eagle:

We learned from the County Health department today that if more people installed the “WA NOTIFY” application on their Smart Phones, the community will benefit from increased ability to track and isolate Covid-19 cases in Wahkiakum County. In fact, we understand that if 60-70 percent of smart phone users installed the application, the need for lockdowns and pain to citizens and businesses might be reduced or diminished. Any degree of community use can only help.

We installed the WA NOTIFY app. The process was simple. On our Android phone we went to the App Store, searched for WA NOTIFY, downloaded it and gave permissions. On Apple phones the WA NOTIFY application can be found immediately under Settings>Exposure Notifications and downloaded from there (required permissions must be given).

The WA NOTIFY application has strong privacy protections – even the county health director cannot access individual names. But activating the app protects our neighbors and ourselves.

From its earliest days, Wahkiakum County has been all about neighbors helping neighbors, including during disasters such as the 1918 flu epidemic. As the covid pandemic spreads through our small community, we hope neighbors help neighbors once more, as we always have.

We have installed the WAH NOTIFY application and hope our friends and fellow citizens join us.

David & Dayle Olson



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