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Corporations say we're insignificant


January 14, 2021

To The Eagle:

For years I purchased my prescription drugs from our Cathlamet pharmacy, obviously a local business. When I went to fill a prescription last week, the pharmacist warned me that our Cathlamet pharmacy was no longer considered eligible for the coupon that reduced drug prices and that my prescription was now approximately 10 times more than before. Apparently, our pharmacy does not bring in enough money for “corporate” and is considered “too small and insignificant” for a courtesy that it continues to extend to vendors like WalMart where my prescription continued to be $4 and included shipping.

Is there really nothing we can do to combat this type of discrimination by large “corporate” against small businesses and their customers? Who else and what other (governmental?) agencies consider Wahkiakum county “insignificant?"

Ursula Petralia



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