Established as The Skamokawa Eagle in 1891

Insubordination? Really?

To The Eagle:

In the past three decades the attractive brick faced storefront on Main Street now known as The Spar has housed several iterations of the restaurant business: Birnie’s Retreat, then a Bavarian restaurant, then The Hungry Hippo, then a Chinese restaurant, plus a couple of other false starts that never got off the ground. Long vacancies occurred between these tenants. Nothing was really wrong with any of these operations, except the basic fact that Cathlamet is too small a community to support very many restaurants. Stephanie Vossen has had the courage to run a new restaurant operation through its critical first year in the face of the Covid pandemic and our governor’s increasingly erratic and irresponsible lockdown decrees.

Attempting to keep her business alive in these grotesque circumstances, she tried to offer sheltered outdoor dining, and successfully navigated the obstacle course of the WSDOT, Health Department, Liquor Board, and Public Works, only to have a permit denial served up by Town Council Members Stowe, Wainwright, and Waller on grounds of -- Insubordination!


Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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