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January 28, 2021

MIXED--At the end of last week, we woke up to thick frost and temperatures in the low 20s in West Valley, so that certainly meant another log on the fire for those who use wood heat! Sunday it was back to cool but damp conditions with a moment or two of thick stuff hitting our windshield here, but, just about a mile up the road on KM Mountain, there was some accumlation starting to build, so the snow was not very far away and I heard there were several inches of snow on Beaver Creek. On this Monday morning, we currently have snow falling in West Valley. It's already "all white" so we'll just have to wait and see if it stops or we get more this evening. I'm all for "no snow" but I know others are hoping for lots of it, so we'll have to wait and see. For me, it will be "puzzle time" as I would rather look at it than be out in it!

TRAFFIC HINT--If you're new to the area and you're wondering about traveling conditions over KM Mountain towards the beach/Astoria, you can always go to the WSDOT website and check out their webcams. The camera on KM is at Milepost 22.2 and will give you a nice look at road conditions in that area; it's a good tool to use. Remember, it can be bare pavement in Skamokawa and even a couple more miles west of that, but once you start climbing KM, things can change drastically, so we hope you won't zip through the area and suddenly find yourself in the ditch. Safe travels everybody!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from January 28-February 3 are Becky Thacker, Brandon McClain, Kyle Gribskov, Courtney Zurich, Varsha Martin, Nicole Emery, Sam Tarabochia, Grant Johnson, Becca Johnson, Sean Masters, Troy Gorley, Emma Rose Lindsey, Don Claussen, Annette Elfers, John Elfers Jr., Pam Moore, Maddux M. Moore, Nicholas Kubacki, Madilyn Freeman, Pamela Everest Priestly, Mike Nollan and a special shout out to my grandson, Luke Sechler, who is my youngest grandchild, and turning 21 in the year 2021!

This doesn't happen too often but as far as I know, nobody got married this coming week, or at least nobody that is listed with me or the Lions Club. If you happen to be celebrating your special day this week, call me and I'll get it written down so I can mention it next time!

GOODBYE--I was sorry to hear that my fellow columnist who writes the Downriver Dispatches, Darrell Alexander, has had to give up the column due to health issues so we hope he is able to spend more time now taking care of himself. That being said, I hope someone will step up and take over for him and keep the Westend filled in with all the local happenings and events.

Until this happens, if your group or organization is planning an event and you'd like to spread the word about it, I'd be more than happy to include it in my column for now, so just give me a call and I'll be sure to mention it!

IMPROVING--Debbie Olson Beebe is thankful for all the thoughts and prayers that have been sent her way as she is still recovering from six surgeries on just her one foot, so it's been a long haul for her. She is finally to the point where there are no weight restrictions on it, so she can go for therapy to learn how to walk again after losing all her toes on that foot. We want to send our sincerest "continue to get well" wishes to her as she has been recuperating from surgeries since last October. It's been a long haul with multiple amputations, infections, skin grafts and rehab, so we truly feel for her. Take care, Debbie!

PET DONATIONS--Saturday, Jan. 30, the advocates for animals in our area, WAAG, will be at the Puget Island Fire Hall accepting all kinds of pet food that you'd like to donate or even gently used items like pet beds, collars and toys, etc. If it's pet related, they'll take it. These folks are doing good work here in our area, so we hope you'll help the Wahkiakum Animal Advocates Group out this Saturday! They will be at the hall from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

EMMI'S COTTAGE--One of our newer businesses in the area, "Emmi's Cottage" is located at 1054 W SR 4, between Cathlamet and Skamokawa, and she will be opening for her February sale before long. So, come on down between February 11 and 13, and check out their new gift items just in time for Valentine's Day. You can always call them at 320-224-3860 for more info. Hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday and Friday but only 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday. Happy shopping and remember to Shop Local!

STOCK UP--While you're out and about, and before you head home on Thursday and Friday, don't forget to stop by the Cathlamet Market and take advantage of their Spring Truckload Meat Sale happening Feb. 11 and 12. Hours for this sale are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days.

NEW LOOK--As you're traveling to and fro, I'm sure you'll have noticed the new addtion going up alongside the Duck Inn. Hopefully this latest outdoor type feature will be able to allow the Duck Inn to open soon, as I know we'll all be anxious for that to come about real soon! Even when all this virus situation is over, the changes that have been made will make it possible for folks to have a new spot to sit out and enjoy the view and eat outside with some protection. It will be awesome!

SKAMOKAWA RESORT--Speaking of new looks, I hope you've checked out the new clothing line at the Skamokawa Resort's grocery store, as they have some cute things there. I think it would be a great place to pick up a new sweatshirt for your sweetie for Valentine's Day, as who doesn't like new warm clothes, espeically now?

For a special gift for those special people in your life, It might also be a good time to book a room for a friend or loved one who would enjoy waking up to some of the gorgeous sunrises we've had as well as seeing those amazing sunsets, as that river view is amazing!

WCF/FARMERS MARKET--Beginning May 4, the Wahkiakum County Fairgrounds will host their annual Farmer's Markets on Tuesdays from 4 to 7 p.m., so if you have some extra produce or other plants or even handmade items that you'd like to sell, now is the time to reserve a spot. Lori Cagle is your contact person for this weekly event, so you can contact her at: She can make sure you have a place to show and sell your goods. Please share this info with all your friends and neighbors and let's have a great turn out!

IN CATHLAMET--Another Farmer's Market will be starting a bit later, as market manager of the Elochoman Marina Farmer's Market, Deb Holland, says it is going to open on May 28 and it will continue each Friday until Sept. 10. Their hours are from 3 to 6 p.m. If you'd like to join them to sell your produce and other handcrafted items, please give Deb a call at: 360-849-9401 and get on her list.

ANOTHER LOSS--Myrna Fudge Brown had just enjoyed her 34th anniversary with her husband, Denis in December, but sadly, just a bit over a month later, her beloved husband passed away on January 14. We are so sorry for her loss and want to send her and her family our sincerest condolences.

A little background: Myrna is a Wahkiakum High School alumni, Class of 1962. She lives in Willmington, NC and is an accomplished author, with her latest book titled: "The Chair Beside the Bed." One of her books was titled: "A People at the Source of a River," which naturally came from living here in our area all those years ago. She has also written: "Side Effects," "A Season of Mists" and "Of Unseen Things Above."

Back in the day, Myrna's Dad, Andrew (Andy) was on the PUD board, and they also had a farm out on the refuge, prior to it becoming a refuge. They also lived up on Fern Hill Road, where I believe the McCoys live now. The Fudges were like another family for me, as besides being a part of the A of G church family, I had stayed with Andy and Ruth from time to time when my folks would go to Alaska during the summer months. They had a big barn on the refuge that was full of hay and we used to climb around on the big beams in that old barn, as the hay was stacked that high, but we'd had a "hollow" in it for a fort. Well, one day I fell off one of those big beams and down I went into the hay on my back and knocked the wind out of myself! That feeling of not being able to catch one's breath was certainly a scary feeling and one of which I never repeated! Up at their Fern Hill house, as I went out to call in the guys for dinner, I got chased by their great big bull in the field, and yep, that was another "fun" thing I never wanted to repeat! At the time, Myrna was like a big sister to me, and I really enjoyed the time I spent with them. I truly feel for her and the rest of her family during this sad time.

OUT OF THE PAST--Back in 1946, it was either cold and dry or cold and raining or as on Feb. 2, it was cold and snowing and snowed the next day too, but luckily stopped by noon. On just a cold but dry day, the Cathlamet basketball team beat Stevenson 33 to 20, so the whole town was happy. On one of the misty days, it was off to see a show in town, as Bette Davis was starring in "The Corn is Green" which Grandma thought was very good. A couple of days later it was off to see another show, "The Great John L" with a friend and it was rated, "not bad." Grandma Elsie headed up to Mrs. Mast's house later on in the week, as she was going to be fixing a black dress for her. She had a real talent as a good seamstress. Meanwhile, Grandma Elsie was busy finishing up the afghan that she made for Grace Pedersen Moore's baby girl, Barbara. The Everests had a nice treat when Mr. Hatton brought them some fresh fish, so it was baked and served up with scalloped potatoes and cornbread and shared with Mary Anne Risk. George Doumit rang up his wife on Feb. 1, and said he was in Seattle, so a happy Maxine headed that way to pick him up.

Quote that week was, "The wise man keeps ambition alive with hope for tomorrow, but he makes tomorrow's hope more promising by work done today!" by Ostrander-Seymour.

All this according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's diary.


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