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Fairgrounds flea market canceled

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February 11, 2021

ALL PREPARED?--If weather apps are to be believed, by the time you read this, you may be playing in some "white stuff" as snow was to begin falling on Wednesday, and continue for several days with nighttime temperatures in the teens. We all know that I have to write this early in the week, and we all know that a forecast can fall apart from one hour to the next, but just in case this one happens to be true, I certainly hope you've gotten stocked up and made all the preparations necessary for yourselves, as well as your outdoor animals, just in case the wintry blast does indeed hit us.

It is winter after all, so having extra food, another source of heat in case of a power outage and flash-lights/candles/lanterns are all on the "emergency guide list" so, while we will be hoping we don't need them, it's definitely best to have them on hand.

Don't forget to keep your gas tanks on the fuller side and have emergency items in your car if you have to be traveling, as we've seen plenty of landslides, rock slides and other issues lately that could mean having to take detours or sit in your car for a bit, so again, these situations are all less stressful if you're prepared for them.

CANCELED--Just a quick reminder that the monthly Flea Market at the Wahkiakum County Fairgrounds, that was to have taken place this Saturday, Feb. 13, has now been canceled. They hope to see everyone next month on March 13 from 9 to 3. We'll keep our fingers crossed that we won't have anything pop up to cancel that one.

I also hope that you saw in last week's paper that the Valentine Bingo had been canceled as well, so that's the pits, but we'll hope for better days ahead!

SPECIAL DAYS-- Those celebrating birthdays from Feb. 11-17 are Connie Shrum, Vickie Reid, Kevin O'Connor, Cindy Grasseth, Derek Phipps, Shawn Cortay, John Thompson, Brandon Souvenir, Wendy Havens, Sean Brennan, Alex Vegvary, Angel Thompson, Mykall Stensland, Angela Stensland, Debbie Beebe, Austin Havens, Sherry McCormack, Hailey Blain, Carlie Freeman, Blake Hess, Kris Baldwin and 67'er Pam Lazor.

Those celebrating anniversaries this coming week are Ron and Elaine Britt, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry DeBraie Sr., David and Julie Black, Christie and Ray Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fladebo, Mr. and Mrs. Troy Gorley, Jason and Rochelle Wallin and Steve and Stephanie Leitz. Here's to all of you being able to celebrate your special days in a special way!

INVITATION--I was certainly happy to see the smiling couple on the wedding invitation I received recently, which just happened to be from my grandson, Blake Sechler and his bride to be, Michaela Jones. We couldn't be happier for the perfectly matched couple and look forward to their outdoor style wedding this Fall. Here's to good times ahead!

OPEN FOR THREE DAYS--Emmi's Cottage is set to open this week for three days from Thursday through Saturday. As noted before, this speciality shop is only open at special times and is located between Cathlamet and Skamokawa, (1054 W SR 4) so we hope the weather allows you to stop by for a bit.

THINKING OF HIM--One of our former "local boys," Marty Farnsworth had to undergo open heart surgery this past week and his family is asking that you keep him in your thoughts and say a few extra prayers on his behalf. The last I heard, he was moving and nodding in response to questions but he has a long ways to go before he is out of the woods. For now his progress is encouraging and we hope he continues to do well and we want to send our heartiest "hang in there, get well wishes" to Marty as well.

VALENTINE'S DAY--Valentine's Day is this Sunday, and we hope you've taken advantage of our local businesses to get your cards and treats, and even some flowers ordered from Daisy Chain Floral. With things opening up around town, you might even be able to swing a dinner inside a local restaurant, or at least get a nice dish to go so your special someone doesn't have to cook, so here's hoping you're treating your Valentine super special this year!

PRESIDENTS' DAY--We have another one of those holidays, which falls on a Monday after Valentine's Day, so many folks will get a two day break, which will be nice. Of course, not everybody gets that, but just remember, if you need certain services, their offices will be closed that day.

CONGRATS--We heard there were some changes made to the Wahkiakum Chamber of Commerce board and we were happy to see our very own Shannon Britt as the new President. We're sure she'll be a wonderful leader. The next three top positions are Vice President, Richard Erickson; Secretary, Marissa Schillios; and Treasurer, Donna Beaupre. A big "Thank-You and Happy Retirement" goes out to Sandi Benbrook-Rieder for her years of service to our community.

SUPER BOWL--Did you watch the Super Bowl? Did the team you were cheering on actually win? I know many didn't watch it all, and there were some who watched it "just because" but didn't have a real favorite, but then there were those who really wanted Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win and definitely enjoyed the outcome, while those Kansas City fans were pretty darn disappointed. However, from what I'm hearing, I think the bigger question of the whole thing was, "How did you like the half time show?" As in all things, some loved it, and some just hated it.

I think the thing I missed the most was all of the great commericals that we used to see and laughed about or felt deeply about, but if there were any, I guess I missed them; certainly disappointed not seeing my favorite Clydesdales in those Bud commericals. Here's hoping we get to see them next year!

OUT OF THE PAST--This week back in 1946, it began with a miserable day with snow, sleet and fog. This miserable weather went along with the mood of many New Yorkers as businesses had to close due to "no fuel" as there was a strike going on and it was really bad for a lot of folks. The next rainy day was a good one to go to the show, and so the Everests went to see "National Barn Dance" which they found to be very funny and entertaining.

Valentine's Day was a cold one but it was memorable, as an earthquake hit the area in the evening while Florence West, Mrs. Healy and Grandma Elsie were up at her daughter Marian's house, and they said it "really shook!" Later that evening, with son-in-law Leon Healy driving the local taxi, he took his mother-in-law, Elsie Everest home.

Nationally, the big news was the fact that Harold Ickes, Secretary of the Interior, resigned from his post after he said that President Truman had challenged his veracity.

Locally the smelt industry was having problems and the Columbia River Fishermen's Protective Union held a meeting in Kelso. Many were in disagreement as to how to handle the current faltering market. With many boxes of smelt being found to have females and pea gravel in them, the old timers blamed the "part timers...dippers" for this, which meant the females were not being allowed to spawn properly and were thereby disrupting the natural spawing habits, which would lower later returns. The old timers said that they only fish from the center of the river where the water is deeper and males congregate and so they are not catching smelt in the spawning grounds. Some fishermen said they'd quit fishing for smelt and applied for clam digging licenses until the situation improved to where they could once again make a profit from smelt fishing.

The next three days were cold and nasty but the last three days turned out really nice with the days being labeled, "Lovely, nice and beautiful!" The Jonas Pedersen family met on Feb. 15 and bid farewell to their boat, the "Nilsine," as they sold her. Grandma Elsie went as far as Astoria with the family as they sent her off to be with her new owners. (This boat was named after Jona's first wife and mother of his first eight, of 12 children.)

The end of the week ended with another movie, "Valley of Decisions" which was deemed as "fine."

The saying for the week: "By mutual confidence and mutual aid, great deeds are done and great discoveries made."

All this according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's diary.


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