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Meet our Seniors: Rebekah Neves

By Diana Zimmerman

Rebekah "Bekah" Neves travels to Florida every year to spend a few weeks with her father. It was there that she found a vocation that will likely serve her the rest of her life.

"Every time I go there, he's working on someone's house," Bekah said. "I helped him and I fell in love with it. It's really relaxing."

She's been learning how to use various tools, and has picked up a few skills along the way, helping to cement floors, cut cedar for ceilings, put in tiles, install insulation, and put up and mud sheet rock.

Mud brings to mind another pastime Bekah enjoys with friends. Drifting. She and her friends like to find the muddy places on old logging roads to slide on in an old stick shift. She doesn't drive, but when asked if she's okay going along for the ride, she had two words.

"Heck, yeah!"

She also loves to shoot guns, and watch old kung fu movies and animé, like the Art Sword Online series.

Born in Tennessee, she's one of a pair. She and her fraternal twin, MJ, started school in Cathlamet when they were in fifth grade.

"It's a little bit different, but I'm glad she's my sister," Bekah said. "It wouldn't be the same without her. She helps me with everything going on and explains things I don't understand. She's a really helpful person in my life."

Bekah is grateful for Mr. McClain, a para-educator at the high school, who has been a kind of father figure, and who shares his love of history and math.

"He's all over because he helps IEP (Individualized Education Program) students. I get the help that I need to succeed in grades and everything," Bekah said.

She also appreciates Mrs. Hurley, a teacher and the volleyball coach.

"Mrs. Hurley is different from everyone," Bekah said. "She's always there. She helps me go through stuff and is a mom figure in school. She meets me where I am, as far as understanding stuff. She's amazing."

Volleyball and softball are the right speed for this young woman, who professes a disdain for lots of running. Basketball is definitely out.

For the last two years she has been the president of a club called Anyone Against Abuse.

Bekah, the daughter of Megan and Tim Neves, plans to attend Clark College in Vancouver to continue her studies in construction, welding, and diesel mechanics.


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