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We've been subjected to the big lie for five years

To The Eagle:

The narrative now pushed by the MSM (Main stream media) that anyone questioning the transparency of the 2020 election is pushing the “big lie.” A persuasion technique used by the Nazi Party to make WWII and the Holocaust palatable to the German people. So, if you’re following this logic, folks like myself who think the 2020 election was less than transparent are, just like the Brown Shirts in fascist Germany, who torched Jewish businesses.

Politicians’ and pundits’ careless use of terms “fascist” and “nazi” for anyone who disagrees is corrosive and dangerous. Our parents fought this totalitarian scourge. They gave their blood, sweat and tears to uphold the Constitution and the right of free citizens to speak out, freely assemble and petition the government. To see how quickly and meekly these hard won rights are being tossed away in the name of tolerance, Wokeness or “equity” is chilling.

We have been subjected to the big lie propaganda machine for the last five years. “Russia collusion,” the “fine people hoax,” the “drinking bleach” lie have been the narrative ad nauseum. I won’t be surprised if next week in this paper we see a letter claiming these hoaxes are true. They’ve seen it on TV. They’ve heard it on CBS.

Another technique used by the Nazis to persecute the Jews was to isolate them in the community. Bar them from schools, universities, professions, and kick them out of civic organizations, sports, clubs, any place they could be visible. These steps were necessary for programming the public to indifference to the terrible plight of “the other.” This is the step Democrats, Big Tech and the MSM are already using to demonize Trump and his supporters, fire them from their jobs, hound them in public, ruin their businesses, take away their ability to bank. This is happening in real time; now. Wake up.

Mike Swift



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