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Has justice system turned into lunacy?

To The Eagle:

What do Glenda & Bud Duling, owner of Stuffy’s, Marlena Pavlos-Hackney, owner of Marleno’s Bistro & Pizzeria have in common? They and countless like them defied the CCP virus pandemic restrictions by opening their businesses. Sadly all were treated like criminals; they were arrested, hauled into court and were ordered to pay heavy penalties all because they were not essentials. Yet the employees working in the government offices and big stores like Amazon, Fred Meyers are essential? Who considered who is essential? Hell’s bells, we’re all essential. These people opened their businesses because they have families to feed and bills to pay. How is that a crime? Has our justice system turned into lunacy?

Those governors that ordered lockdowns against doctors’ advice handled this covid crisis very poorly. They’ve ruined many families’ livelihoods; they lost their businesses, had to file bankruptcy, lost their jobs, their homes, their finances and many became homeless. What those governors did was wrong. In fact, I haven’t heard or seen any remorse from them for what they’ve caused.

Biden, Pelosi, Inslee, Brown and the likes of them are not Democrats as they claim to be but more of a Totalitarian, CCP regime (my opinion).

Now these same blokes are pressuring DirecTV, Dish, Charter to disregard Fox, OAN and Newsmax. Are they trying to rid us of our freedom of speech or our freedom totally?

This is the real world we are living in; some days I pinch myself “Is this really happening?”

We have to be brave like Glenda, Bud and Marlena. We have to exercise our Constitution/Bill of Rights and Freedoms that our blokes failed to uphold. If we don’t, our lives will be controlled by a Totalitarian regime.

Toni Below



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