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Tuesday at 8:15 in the morning: What a gorgeous, full blown, stunning and arguably the most beautiful spring morning yet this year. The almost breathtaking blue sky has no clouds. The air is clear from all the stars last night in a stupendously bright performance. It always strikes me as humbling that the stars are out for all of us or none of us. They don't care if we see them or not. They just are. They exist whether we pay attention or not. Stars out here at night have only a little competition from the utility lights usually near barns on what may or not be a farm, all around the valley. Last night's stars seemed to be resting right on the hilltops, providing night lights, not only for us but for the universe. Are we not blessed? I hope you also saw those stars. Do I hear an amen?

Photo of the Week: I decided to include a picture of our historic Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Deep River Church built in 1899. It's as pretty a country church as you'll ever find and is still used for special occasions. To see it, head west, then take the East Deep River Road at the east end of the Deep River highway bridge, then turn right at the "T" and enjoy the short drive to the little church built over 100 years ago. It's not a long drive from the "T" to the church, so it's a lovely Sunday afternoon trip if you have company and want to take them someplace local with plenty of charm. The church is on the National Register of Historic Places, so bring your camera. And turn up the hill across from the church to visit the Deep River Cemetery. It's one of the most peaceful places in the county. So much Finnish history and so many families represented. Great spot for a nice picnic, too. There are other historic cemeteries as well, but if you're looking for a reason to travel to the west end of the county, this is a great one.

Naselle Lutheran Church Spring Festival: All are invited to the Naselle Lutheran Church's Spring Festival on May 1 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. This event will feature "Made in Naselle" soups and salads to go, baked goods, quilts and other handcrafts plus a garden area with plants and flowers. The church is located at 308 Knappton Road in Naselle across from the soon to be clinic building that currently still says bank on the sign. All covid-19 protocol will be in place with masks required. Proceeds will be dedicated to the "Fix our Roof Fund."

Did you find the goof from last week's paper? I typed it correctly in the article but not under the photo. The machine is a 300, not a 330 so I bet all those operators caught it. I suspect Bob Torppa will.

SR 401: So glad to see the notice from Big River reporting they are making good headway with the bypass so we can use highway 401 again soon. Even having to wait to take our turns on a one lane road is fine with most of us as we'll be saving time and feeling "back home." Thanks to Big River for pushing the 401 bypass work along.

Zimmerman's Farm: I spent a long time talking with April Zimmerman who, along with her husband, Tom, run the Glory B Farm, a home business on the large Zimmerman Farm at 434 Covered Bridge Road in Grays River. They are in their fourth year of providing a "CSA" (community supported agriculture) program selling and delivering their fresh, organic vegetables to subscribers who pay to get boxes of fresh produce on a regular basis during the summer growing season. Boxes are filled according to orders from customers. The boxes are delivered to drop off locations in Astoria, the Cottage Bakery in Long Beach, Naselle, Grays River, and Seaside. They also drop boxes off at the Market at Veterans Field in Long Beach from 9-5 on Fridays. Subscribers can pick up their boxes at those locations or at the Grays River farm. All the produce is grown on their 10 acres with more than enough for all their customers. April told me, "We have plenty for everyone. After all, we fill up 10 acres with produce!" Those who want to get fresh, organic vegetables can sign up now and get their first box on June 16. Find out more at their website:

Our area has businesses run from homes in the whole western rural area. Glory B is another one doing well thanks to home computers with fast internet. Orders are made on the website on the customer's computer letting April know what they want from the list shown on the website. If a customer is not able to pick up their box, they can let April know so they can go to the farm for it, or have a neighbor get it or to a food bank, such as the West End Food Pantry at Johnson Park. The possibilities are endless.

Tom is the farmer who works in their big greenhouse to get the seeds up and growing, then plants go into the ground. He also delivers the boxes to drop off locations on a regular scheduled route. The farm hires 2-3 workers during the growing season and into the fall. Just watching the big fields all summer is fun. The colors are wonderful when all the long rows are producing. To get full information, see their website: Glory B Farm currently has more than 80 customers signed up for this year. Their goal is to have 100, so call April at 360-465-2168 to get your own subscription started.

Senior Lunches: Here are menus for remaining April CAP (Community Action Program) lunches. They can be picked up at Rosburg Hall from noon to 12:15. To order yours call Diane Hollenbeck at 360-465-2991.

April 22: Chicken parmesan, cauliflower and peppers, sliced peaches.

April 29: Pulled pork sandwich, sliced carrots, baked beans, potato salad, sliced oranges.

Saddened by the news: When good friends are sad, we feel their sadness, too. Junea Brannon lost her husband, Dean, last week. We have you in our hearts, Junea. You took wonderful care of Bill Wuorinen, your neighbor across the street as he aged, and then your husband. That's a lot of love from another quiet woman who is so caring and giving. Our community is blessed to have women such as yourself, Junea. You are in our prayers.

Word for the Week: Blessed.


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