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Let's hope for a little sense

To The Eagle:

The county commissioners and sheriff have spoken. Essentially they have said that any adult may own as many as he/she wants of single shot and semi-automatic firearms with unlimited magazine capacity. That is a pretty bold statement, but unless they explicity define some limitations on that right, that is what we are stuck with.

This is not the world that I would choose to live in nor do I believe that is the world that the commissioners and the sheriff want to live in. A more sensible role for these public servants would be to make the effort to define reasonable and appropriate limitations on the Right to Bear Arms. And then to communicate their findings to the electorate for their approval.

I am not against guns; they were present in my family life. I used them growing up under supervision, and I have owned guns all my adult life.

Let’s hope someone applies a little sense.

Michael Linn



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