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HERE WE GO!--We're almost a week into another new month, and I have to tell you that I'm sure somebody has sped up the ole time machine, as these days are flying by! Our last weekend was mostly just cloudy on Saturday after rain on Friday night and Sunday was a bit cool and foggy in some areas in the early morning hours but it got nice and sunny and made for a great afternoon outside. I heard we may be in for a damp weekend, which is kind of the pits, but we really do need the rain. You really notice this if you're trying to just "pull" weeds, as right now, it's more like having to dig them out of cement; that ground is hard as a rock!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from May 6-12 are Lori Parke, Tammy Bosch, Rosalie Webb, Don Nicholes, Kerry Brown, Ashleigh Montgomery, Nick Deal, Dave Hendrickson, Denise Peek, Trevor Gorley, Katherine Parker, Sawyer Peek, Ashley Coleman, Ryan Lorenzo, Kooper Fritzie, Evan Quigley, Markus Parker, Adam Rose, Vicki Bergseng, Joe Spitzer, Sage Miller, Beau J. Silflow, David Rust, Kaylee Rust, Ashley Jorgensen Rusk, Parker Rusk, Mercedes Pedersen Wilder, Leslie Monroe, Everly Zickefoose, and my eldest son, Peter Sechler.

Those celebrating anniversaries this week are Mr. and Mrs. Monte Robinson, Gary and Sandie York, John and Sharon Buennagel, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Owen and Frank and Carolyn Pedersen. May your special days be extra special this year!

GET THAT PIE & MORE--Don't forget to pick up a pie or even some cupcakes this Friday when the Cathlamet Woman's Club has their annual sale at Tsuga Gallery on Main St. Yes, they sell some very tasty pies every year, so treat Mom to her favorite a little early or buy two and hold one over for Sunday! Kids love cupcakes, and they can be little kids or big kids, but at any rate, you can buy some of those that day too, so stop by between 1 and 4 p.m. and enjoy a goodie without the work and mess!

GRANGE SALE--I was told by Skamokawa Grange member, Becky Ledtke, that the Skamokawa Grange #425 will hold a fundraising event this Saturday, May 8 from 9 to 3 p.m. at the grange hall, located by the fairgrounds; 18 Fairgrounds Road if you're new and looking at your map app! Becky says there's lots of treasures to be found, like fishing poles, a beautiful sofa, baby clothes, exercise equipment, camping gear and more, so stop by and check it out, and help support the Grange as well. That's this Saturday!

HALL IS OPEN--While you're down here on Saturday checking out the Grange sale, as well as the monthly flea market at the fairgrounds, make sure you save some time to go up to the historic Central School/Redmen Hall/River Life Interpretive Center while you're here. They are open Saturdays and Sundays from noon to four and it looks like they have quite a few new and interesting things in the Gift & Book Store which is on the main floor. If you can manage to climb some stairs, the upper level of the building holds the Interpretive Center and it's got some great history boards and wonderful views of the area. If you can climb a few more stairs, you can look out the bell tower for an even better view; great on a clear day! Please help support the Friends of Skamokawa and our many local artisans by stopping by and picking up some great books written by local authors or some of the other works that are there.

DOLLARS FOR SCHOLARS--For many years, the Dollars for Scholars group held a huge car show in our area, but have since moved on to other kinds of fundraising. Right now they are gathering donations for a "virtual auction" and will be needing those donations by May 19 so that's coming up soon. Once everything is set up, it will begin at the end of May and last until June 13, so you'll have plenty of time to take part in this fun auction.

While they are busy contacting supporters, please know that they would love to hear from you if you have yet to be contacted but would like to donate to this great cause. In case you didn't know, DFS offers scholarships to select members of our graduating seniors from Wahkiakum High School. If you'd like to make a donation, either an item or cash, contact Lee or Diane Tischer 360-849-4257. They would love to hear from you!

BIG SUNDAY--Happy Mother's Day to all of you who qualify as being a Mom, and that includes all of you who are the Mom to one's grandkids or your great grandkids or even a special woman in your life that was like a Mom to you along life's journey. Here's hoping you all get treated like a queen on your special day, which is this Sunday, May 9; enjoy!

Be sure to check out local restaurants for their lunch/brunch/dinner specials that are usually available that day. Here's a special wish for those Moms who will be working that day; you rock!

A MONTH AWAY--The "Cruizin to the Fair" car show at the Wahkiakum County Fairgrounds will take place on June 5, so be sure to spread the word and head that way next month, as there's always lots of neat cars to check out. More on that later, but let's hope for a nice day as it's always a lot more fun when the weather is nice! For more info, contact the fairgrounds, 360-795-3480 or send an email to

CONGRATULATIONS--Karalin Reynolds is the daughter of Rachael Blain Reynolds, granddaughter of Jim and Karen (Chamberlain) Blain, and she will soon be a 2021 Graduate, so we want to send her our heartiest congratulations! This is a crazy year, so instead of family going to the school, her graduation ceremony will be live-streamed at her home in Helix, OR for family members. I can hardly believe she is all grown up already. We certainly wish her all the best as she goes out into the world.

TRASHY FOLKS--A major complaint just about everywhere around here lately, has been the amount of trash that is being thrown all over the sides of the road. Some nice people are forming groups to try and help clean up the messes in different areas, but really people, this is just inexcusable. Keep it in your car until you get home and dispose of it properly. Don't forget, people have cell phones that take great pictures of you zipping back and forth along the county roads and they will surely be able to take your picture and show it to your folks or authorities, so why not just do the right thing and help keep our area neat and clean and garbage free, please!

SAID GOODBYE--Family, friends and even several former classmates from the WHS Class of 1967 came to say their final goodbyes to former Skamokawa resident, Rich West, at the Fernhill Cemetery in Skamokawa this past Saturday. The weather held up so that no umbrellas had to be used, but towards the end of the service, a light bit of thunder could be heard in the distance and the tops of the big trees began to sway, while the screech of a hawk sounded from above, and I'm pretty sure those were signals to the rest of us that Rich was being received by those above and that he was welcomed with open arms by those who were already there and who were near and dear to him in the past. We know for a fact that Rich and Don Marsyla will be swapping some great stories about cars and horses! Rich was another one of the good guys. He will be missed. Again, our condolences to his family.

OUT OF THE PAST--This week back in 1946, the week began very nicely before actually turning quite hot and then cooling down a bit to a cooler, windy day. It was another busy week for Elsie Everest with meetings at the Pocahontas one evening, and the Rebekahs a couple days later, along with working at the telephone office and doing the books for the BPW, Business and Professional Women's Club. At the Rebekahs meeting, they held a potluck and honored all those in attendance who were Mothers. Elsie brought Mary Ann Risk along as a quest that evening. On a very warm Saturday, Margaret Hollar gave birth to a baby girl; they named her Kay. Mother's Day was May 12 that year and Elsie received many nice cards and letters and gifts from her children. The girls (Carol and Marian) gave her a "lovely" blouse. Stopping by for a visit one evening were Jim and Florence West and the following day, Ruby Hanigan and Mary Anne Risk stopped by for supper and then they all went for a nice walk later on that evening. All this according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's 1946 diary.


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