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Don't let "them" divide us

To The Eagle:

We need to understand the propaganda of the “woke” Socialists/Communists for what it is. Their effort is to divide Americans, weaken our economy, release violent criminals back into the streets, demoralize good law enforcement officers making the nation unsure and less safe, destroy capitalism- and relieve us of our right to bear arms.

Every civilization before us that lost the right to bear arms, lost their freedom overnight. Yet, amazingly, I have been reading in The Eagle letters stating things like, “Guns in private hands has precipitated incidents of mass murder.” First of all, good law-abiding gun owners aren’t mass murderers nor are they killing anyone.

The real killers are thugs that don’t care about gun laws because they will acquire them anyway- regardless of the law. If this is allowed to happen, no one’s home or loved ones will be safe. They will simply kick in doors and pillage and plunder while family members run and hide as they did in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew in Florida. We knew an insurance adjuster that went to Florida. He was a gun control advocate, but after what he witnessed, he came home and bought a gun.

My family immigrated from Switzerland, a Republic just like ours. Every 19 year old male had to enlist in the Swiss military for two years. After service, they were required to take their guns home, teach their families gun safety, and take them to firing ranges twice per year. Can you guess how many home invasions occurred each year in Switzerland, if your answer is zero, you would be correct. Law breakers were dealt with fairly and swiftly and they were required to make restitution to those they offended.

I am grateful to live in a county with a good sheriff, good county commissioners, and people who are willing to serve in the community and love America as I do. Let us choose to be kind and supportive to one another and not let those who hate America and would relieve us of our freedom, divide us.

Lily Kolditz



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