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Car show, Grange sale this weekend

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NICE ONE--Unless you hate the sunshine, I don't think you could complain about the weather this past weekend and holiday, as it was very nice outside and certainly a great break from the previous rainy days we had. We enjoyed perfect temperatures here over the weekend I thought, but it sure warmed up on Monday and Tuesday, so those upper 80s were a bit toasty for me. However, for those who like the heat, I bet you were in seventh heaven! Unfortunately, it looks like we'll be cooling off this weekend and may even see some raindrops once again, so I guess we'll have to keep the rain jackets handy just in case.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from June 3-9 are Becca Keilwitz, Ryan Helms, Brenden McClain, Justin Anderson, MacKenzie Stevens, Mike Wegdahl, Marty Florek, Derrick Bardsley, Chloe Cothren, Tori Wegdahl, Blain Fritzie, Justin Elfers, Gwyn Heriford, Lamar Blix, Rodney Ingersol, Chris Songer, David Hansen, Johnnie Peyrollaz, Shannon Cochran, Michaela Jones and Scott Ahrndt. May your birthdays be celebrated to the fullest this year!

Those celebrating anniversaries this coming week are David and Connie Shrum, Mr. and Mrs. Skip Nortrup, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bergseng and Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Melton. May you all enjoy your special anniversary celebrations this coming week!

CAR SHOW--It's time for the Second "Cruizin' to the Fair" Car Show this Saturday, so come on down and check out the cars at the Wahkiakum County Fairgrounds. There will be food and raffles and and other vendors I'm told, so let's think "sunshine" to chase those forecasted raindrops away, and help to make the day just perfect. Fingers crossed! Regardless, it will be a fun day.

GRANGE SALE--Also, the Skamokawa Grange is holding another sale this Saturday, June 5, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., so if you're looking for something for a good price, then here's your chance to come down and check it out. Their poster says they have some baby items, like an almost new crib, and car seat and toys, and baby clothes. There's exercise equipment and books to baskets and from fishing poles to glassware; they may just have what you need. The address for those who don't know where it is, is 18 Fairgrounds Road, and it's the big white building located right by the fairgrounds here in Skamokawa, so you can take in the car show and check out the sale too. A win, win for everybody!

FARMER'S MARKET--Don't forget there is a weekly Farmer's Market down here each Tuesday afternoon. (4 to 7) So, the next one will take place on June 8, in the "cow barn" located inside the fairgrounds, rain or shine!

FLEA MARKET--On the second Saturday of the month, June 12, it's time to head back to the Wah. Co. Fairgrounds as they will hold their monthly Flea Market from 9 to 3. Be sure to mark that down on your calendar, as the days are flying by!

GREAT BREAKFAST--If you missed out on the pancake "plus" breakfast this past Saturday at the Rosburg Hall, you really missed out on a delicious meal! I heard nothing but good things from those that attended, from "perfect pancakes" and "perfectly done eggs," to "tasty ham or sausages," to "lots of coffee" and "great service" and well, the $6 price tag was just unbelievable! I know some folks who had never been before who were amazed by it all and who said that they will defintiely be back the next time it's held. Kudos to all those that cooked and served and put on a very organized and super tasty meal!

YUMMY--Speaking of great food, my daughter-in-law, Katie Sechler, has a real knack for baking the most delicious goodies, so when Lisa Sechler wanted a "white chocolate layered cake with raspberry filling" for her birthday, guess who came through with flying colors? Yep, Katie! So, with the cake being delivered by Lisa's brother Pete, all the way from Seattle, and enjoyed on a grassy knoll by a lake, it was certainly an enjoyable way for Lisa to enjoy her special 55th birthday!

BRAGGING RIGHTS--Ty and Kendra Finkas just got news that their son, Jensen, got accepted into the "Hi-Cap" program at his school in Longview so their smart little guy just validated what their folks already knew; he is truly advanced for his age and is indeed very smart. So, kudos to Jensen and to the proud parents! His great grandparents, Frank and Carolyn Pedersen are pretty doggone proud as well.

WAAG--In case you've missed seeing this information before, or had it confused with some other group, this is just a reminder that we have a group here that will help you deal with issues concerning animals; like feral cats that need to be trapped or lost animals or even possible abused animals, or animals needing to be "fixed," etc., and that group is called the "Wahkiakum Animal Advocates Group" or WAAG for short. This group has really made a difference in the short time that it has been in service to our community, so we are certainly pleased with their actions and all their help. If you need help, or find a lost animal and need help, please call 360-504-6336 and ask for it. If you know folks who don't get the paper, maybe share this information with them, so if they find themselves in a situation with an animal, they too will know how to get some help, or at least some advice. If you'd like to donate to their group so that they continue to feed and house and foster animals and see to it that they get spayed and neutered, your financial help would certainly be appreciated. You can send a check or money to them at P.O. Box 231, Cathlamet, WA 98612.

GET THEM IDENTIFIED--Speaking of animals, it's become more and more troublesome to see "lost" dogs all over the place and way too regularly. The bigger problem is that most of the time, there is no identification on the dog, which if it simply had a collar with a name and phone number on it, preferably a flat ID on the collar, then when it was found, it could be immediately returned to the owner. I believe WAAG could help you check to see if it was "chipped" if no such ID was found, but as a pet owner, one would think that the quicker it was identified, then the quicker your pet would get brought back home to you, and a collar ID is certainly the fastest. So, if you don't have your beloved pet ID'd now, I sure hope you'll think about it; it makes it easier for everybody and I'm sure the pooch would appreciate it too!

TEA TIME OVER THE HILL--If you'd like to attend the Finnish Midsummer Tea, you'll need to "go over the hill," which means you'll be heading west from Cathlamet and Skamokawa and going over KM Mountain, and wind up in Naselle, where the Appelo Archive Center is at 1056 SR 4, just west of Hunter's Inn. If you'd like to attend the tea, which is next weekend, on June 12 at 1 p.m., you'll need to make a reservation so if you're interested, call 1-360-484-7103 so they can save you a spot. The cost is $15 and they'll be serving up tea and coffee and a variety of savory treats, so it's a good place to check out those Scandanavian goodies! If you can't stay and enjoy the tea with the other ladies, you can still order a "To Go" box, so that's a nice alternative to help support the archive center and yet still get your sweet tooth fix and enjoy those goodies at home!

ADVERTISING--I've been noticing a lot of signs up here and there advertising different things lately, but sadly, most of these are almost impossible to read. If you are having a sale or are having an event or have a business, please drive by your sign at 35 mph or 55 mph and see if you can actually read it. In most cases, you really can't, or if you can, it's only because you knew what it said in advance. Trust me, your "pretty" decorative sign with thin dark writing on a fairly dark colored background, is all but impossible to read, and the sign with way too much information on it is never going to be read by a car going by doing the speed limit, so if you really want folks to show up, make your message short and to the point and make the letters big and bold so there's no doubt what you are trying to say.

Of course, it's always great to put a small ad in this paper too, as you'd be surprised how many people look for sales going on in here, and it's always good to advertise a couple of weeks in advance, as remember, not everybody gets the paper on Thursday, so if you only put it in there for that same Friday or Saturday, many won't see it until it's too late, or they'll already have plans by then.

OUT OF THE PAST--This week back in 1946, the weather began on a good note as it was a very nice day. However, the rest of the entire week was cold and wet and or cold and cloudy and the last day was just flat pouring down rain, so a very miserable day on June 9! What better way to spend a rainy day but to go to a show, so it was off to the movie house where "Kiss and Tell" was showing; the comedy got good reviews! The next couple of rainy days were spent doing some indoor cleaning and baking, which helped take the chill off. It was "new additions" time in town that week as Julia Butler Hansen had a baby boy, Betty Shuster Ullfres (sp?) had a baby boy as well, while Lilly Wright welcomed a baby girl into the world. The Poacahontas ladies met that week and being it was Mrs. Hendrix's special wedding anniversary, she was given a pair of silver earrings. As always, the ladies had a good meeting and social hour afterwards.

This according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's 1946 diary.


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