Meet Our Seniors: Amaya Jones


Amaya Jones might have a minor case of senioritis, but with graduation coming up next week, she won't have to suffer much longer.

"I just want to be done with high school," she said. "I want to skip forward to the part where I walk across the stage and not have to do school work."

She has been enjoying her directed studies class these last few weeks. It's extra time to get caught up on old homework and focus on what she really wants.

Her favorite teacher is Marc Niemeyer.

"He always pushes me to be better and he is just a great teacher in general," Amaya said. "I really like his presence. He is very funny, super relaxed all the time, and he doesn't get upset really easily."

Amaya likes to swim in the summers and otherwise spend her spare time with her small, tight-knit group of friends. Most of the time.

"I like to give them breaks," she said, laughing. "I know I can be a little much."

She also likes to hang out at home with her family and pets, which include a cat and two dogs.

A new puppy was supposed to be hers, she says, but it has since become attached to her dad. That's okay because Amaya has figured out how to become number one to her brother's cat.

"I looked up how to be a mother to a cat," she said. "You take a toothbrush and get it a little bit wet, and you rub it lightly on their nose and forehead area. They think it is their mom, bathing them."

"You can pick the animal, but the animal really chooses the person they want," Amaya added.

Amaya turned out for several sports over her high school career, including softball, volleyball, and basketball.

She used to practice into the night for basketball but eventually decided to focus on volleyball. It turned out to be a good choice, because when she tried out for club volleyball, she made the traveling team her junior year.

And then the pandemic started and put a dent in those plans.

After she graduates, Amaya wants to become a hairstylist. She will attend Stylemaster College of Hair Design in Longview this fall.

Amaya is the daughter of Amber and Michael Scott.


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