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Covid-19 update

County cases reach 157

Two more cases of covid-19 were reported by Wahkiakum Health and Human Services on Monday, bringing the total number of cases in the county to 157. Of those, 23 are considered potentially active.

The two are in self-quarantine and have no known connection to either Wahkiakum School District or St. James Family Center.

The Washington Department of Health is reporting that six people in the county have been hospitalized, and one death attributed to covid-19.

According to WHHS Director Chris Bischoff, 44.6 percent of the total population in the county has had at least one dose of the vaccination, while 41.8 percent are fully vaccinated. If one discounts the population that is ineligible for the vaccine, which includes youth under the age of 12, the numbers are a little higher, with 49.5 percent of the population partially vaccinated, and 46.3 percent fully vaccinated.

Bischoff also shared some current demographics of covid cases in the county. Out of 157 cases, 73 were female and 84 were male. There were 126 cases in the Cathlamet area, four in Grays River, five in the Naselle zip code, 10 in Rosburg, and 12 in Skamokawa.

Most of the cases were in individuals between the ages of 40-59, numbering 51. There were 40 cases in people between the ages of 20-39, 36 cases in youth aged 0-19, 20 cases in people between the ages of 60-79, and 10 cases in people over the age of 80.

Bischoff is only aware of one breakthrough case in a Wahkiakum County resident. Breakthrough is defined as a positive test for covid-19 in a person who was already vaccinated.

“The State and CDC are still keeping data on that and the results have been pretty close to what the original studies showed,” Bischoff said. “With that being said, there is no mechanism to specifically inform us of a breakthrough case. If we vaccinated them here and they get covid-19, we know only because of the smallness of the county. If they were vaccinated elsewhere and are later covid positive, no one will tell us that.”


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