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Patriotism means standing up for founding principles

To The Eagle:

I was born in Cathlamet in my parents’ home on Spring Street. I am an avid reader of The Eagle, as is my sister Elizabeth (Goodfellow) Sears. We were very pleased that you chose to include an article addressing racism in The Eagle, in the issue coming out on Veteran’s Day weekend. My husband was a Marine Corps veteran of 20 years who served his country at home and overseas. As a military family we made sacrifices because we believe that true patriotism means standing up for principles upon which this country was founded -- equality and justice. Defending the rights of Americans is what the military is about, addressing the disparity of equal treatment for those who helped build our country is long overdue.

Our family moved often, but we always had Cathlamet as our anchor, a home to return to. Our children have their roots there. Our family comes every year to the Wahkiakum County Fair.

We appreciate the professionalism you exhibit in your journalism.

Merrie (Goodfellow) Emmons


Elizabeth (Goodfellow) Sears



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