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Gratitude expressed for sheriff's office

To The Eagle:

The anti law and order crowd who wish to “Defund the Police,” “abolish the Sheriff’s Department,” and think the 12 new laws restricting law enforcement officers in their duties are going to help the citizens of this state are sadly misinformed. Inslee signed these laws for his political gain, not your gain.

If you take a look at the weekly ‘Sheriff’s Report’ published in this paper, you will find it filled with seemingly erroneous and mundane tasks; dogs barking, a cow is loose, abandoned vehicles, "suspicious people," goats and pig problems, continual reports of log trucks speeding on East Valley Rd, loud music, multiple false alarms that need to be verified and on and on. It at times is quite humorous. But, the same officers who continually respond to these calls are ready at any time to do whatever is needed to protect you and all of the citizens of Wahkiakum County, including putting their very lives on the line for us.

In every encounter I’ve had with the Wahkiakum Sheriff’s Department. I have found the men and women to be friendly, helpful, and professional. These people exist not only to keep the peace, but to help us when needed, and they do a very good job of it. They deserve our appreciation, not scorn.

To those complaining, and those who wish to know the complexities of the job, I suggest they attend the Citizens Police Academy held every few years by the Wahkiakum Sheriff’s Department where you will meet the officers and learn the operations of the entire sheriff’s office. It is a good course and well worth the time.

My sincere gratitude to Sheriff Mark Howie and the men and women of the Wahkiakum Sheriff’s Department. Thank you for a job well done.

Michael Moneyhan

Puget Island


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