Tired of propaganda that promotes fear


September 16, 2021

To The Eagle:

Covid has been going on for almost two years. It’s time that Covid update changes its format. As to how many got it, recovered or died, they need to include did they wear masks or not? We all know many have worn masks. Did they have other serious health issues that were life threatening or not? Painful as it is, to say they died from Covid when they had other life threatening health issues is not right because those that did not have health issues recovered. Were they vaccinated or not? I’ve read reports that those who have not been sick got covid right after they got vaccinated; some suffered heart ailments, blood clots and the list goes on. Remember, it is still an experimental drug. It’s only right to add this information for accuracy. If not, then for all we know it could be part of the tyrannical regime to brainwash us with fear for a purpose.

Also, think of the billions of dollars profited from all these vaccines and drugs. Who profits from it? Do they really care about us and our health?

As more different viruses are being reported, I’m sure the tyrants will again order lockdowns, wear masks or get vaccinated. In my opinion, lockdowns, wearing a mask, getting vaccinated has not saved us all. The only way that we could possibly save ourselves is to bravely fight it head on full force. Yes, we may die but who knows; our destiny may be full of surprises. It is up to us to get back to living like we did before, if we could remember what that was like. This is the USA we are living in; the land of the home, the brave and the free. I am tired of living under this tyrannical regime and its propaganda promoting fear. We are better than that.

Toni Below



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