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September 16, 2021

Diana Zimmerman

One young rider is taken through the paces of the barrel race at the Silver Buckle event on Saturday at the Wahkiakum County Fairgrounds.

First I would like to thank all of the riders for coming to our August 7 and September 11 gaming shows. you all did a great job, good rides. We hope to see you on September 25 for show #3.

This year was a bit of a surprise. Last year due to covid, we were unable to run the Silver Buckle Series, so I have not seen our riders in two years. The surprise is that all of our Pee Wee riders (11 years old and under) are now riding in the 12-18 year old age group. To add to the surprise we have had five lead line riders in our shows. The lead line riders are 3-7 years old. They ride the horse while mom or dad run along beside the horse holding the lead line. This is a good start for these young gamers.

Now what you have been waiting for. The results from show #1:

Lead line age group we had River Doumit age 3 and Ava Zurik-Dovan. Both of these little girls did great, no fear and smiling from ear to ear as they rode their horses. Great job girls.

12-18 age group: 1. Ayranna Walters, Long Beach; 2. Adri Cram, Winlock; 3. Bella Norwood, Kalama, 4. Roxy Remmers, Longview.

19-35 age group: 1. Katie Glasson, Long Beach; 2. Kristina Heiner, Cathlamet; 3. Brooke Myers, Longview; 4. Tasha Stratton, Skamokawa.

Novice: 1. Maddie Thorenson, Cathlamet; 2. Shayna Waddell, Longview; 3. Jessie Harmen, Rosburg; 4. Kristen Harmen, Rosburg.

Daily highpoint went to Ayrianna Walters from Long Beach, and winner of the 50/50 barrels jackpot was Kristina Heiner from Cathlamet

Results from the September 11 show:

Lead line: Dale Waddell, Longview; Sawyer Peek, Cathlamet, and Hazel Waddell, Longview.

12-18 age group: 1. Adri Cram, Winlock; 2. Hanna Larsen, Longview; 3. Maddie Thorenson riding Rio, Cathlamet; 4. Lindsey Gray, Long Beach.

19-35 age group: 1. Kristina Heiner, Cathlamet; 2. Tasha Stratton, Skamokawa; 3. Brooke Myers, Longview; 4. Traci Beaver, Olympia.

Daily highpoint went to Kristina Heiner, Cathlamet, and winner of the 50/50 barrels jackpot was Adri Cram, Winlock.

I also like to thank my volunteers for all you do, without you there would be no show. My wonderful volunteers are Chuck and Cindy Cram from Winlock, Rob and Sheila Myers from Longview, and Mike.

We look forward to seeing all our riders on September 25. The show starts at 10 a.m .; if you would like to come out and ride or watch, we would love to have you. For information on the shows, call Valerie Antijunti at 509-697-6049.


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