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Council proceeding with study of LID for sewer expansion

A proposal to provide sewer system service to areas surrounding Skyline Golf Course outside Cathlamet took a step forward Monday evening at the meeting of the Cathlamet Town Council.

Council members reviewed an initial analysis from John Hinton of the Gibbs and Olson (G&O) engineering firm and asked Hinton to meet with Wahkiakum County officials and gather information to develop a detailed concept for formation of a local improvement district.

Town officials have asked Hinton to analyze the feasibility of extending sewer service into the Cochran Addition area north of the golf course, to residences on Fern Hill south of the golf course, and between Boege Road and the town's waste water treatment plant.

Town officials have long wanted to expand the sewer system into an area of poor perking soil where many residences have had to be on two lots, one for the residence and one for the septic system. The land in question lies inside the county, outside town limits.

Hinton said the project's special benefit analysis would have to show a positive cost benefit before developing a proposal that would go to property owners for an election.

A preliminary analysis indicated the expansion into the Cochran Addition area would be feasible and cost about $1.8 million, serving 116 lots. The expansion up Fern Hill would cost about $1.35 million, serving 55 lots and possibly not meet the positive cost/benefit target.

G&O hadn't analyzed costs of serving residences between Boege Road and the waste water plant; that was a request from council members Monday night.

Council members said they wanted a good analysis of costs and benefits so they could decide if it's worthwhile to proceed.

Hinton commented that the special benefit analysis should answer those questions and that the project wouldn't move forward without support.

An election to form the local improvement district is based on acreage, Hinton said. To pass, an issue must receive a positive vote from owners of 60 percent of the acreage in the proposed district.


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