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"It's a rainy day in Georgia" and Grays River. This is real fall rain. I know because my arthritis shows its painful head when I move from my bed. The rain reminds me that at many times during the past year, I missed the sound of rain on the roof. But each day, before I move very much, I make a thank you list for God and pray for a peaceful world. On my list, I give thanks for just waking up, reminding myself that I am alive and moving. Second, I give thanks for Ben, my dog, who is always at my side. Third, family, neighbors and friends. What would be on your thank you list?

Photo of the Week: Last week I was able to meet with four new employees at the Wahkiakum West office. They all are from the area, all graduated from Naselle/GRV High School, and all are happy to have work where they grew up and where their children can grow up. How can any of us in our '70's or more, say enough about the joy of young people? While their ages run from 19 to 33, to me they are just getting started, and that gives me hope for what they will accomplish in the future. Holly Davis, Nicole Fritzie, Taci Madsen and Cody Condon are all fine additions to Wahkiakum West.

Young women at WWest: Both Holly and Nicole have been stay at home moms. They are enthusiastic about their new jobs. As mothers, they appreciate the flexibility with their schedules. Hours are set up so that their children's daily needs are met first, then they can get to their jobs without worry. Holly's dad, Steve Davis, has been a logger all his life, now working for Nygaard Logging. He is yet another logger who has worked locally, and now his daughter will be able to remain in the area and work here. Holly has a seven year old son, Quinn, and Nicole has two boys, Kooper, seven, and Pierce, four.

Outside and technical workers at WWest: Taci, 23 years old, is the first woman at Wahkiakum West to work outside in the field doing locates by crawling under houses in the dark discovering God knows what. And she says she "loves it!" The daughter of Scott and Sharon Madsen, Taci knows many of the customers and who owned their property before. This is very helpful when locating connections. Cody Condon works in the plant and is learning from "old timer" Lamar Wirkkala. Lamar has been at Wahkiakum West for many years and is now working with Cody and Taci. Cody's dad, Douglas, works for the PUD, another great place to work in the county. Cody knows the customers, where they live and what kind of house they live in. This is an asset that's a tradition at Wahkiakum West. Having employees who know the local people in the area makes it easier to get to customers when they need help. When our local youth can continue to live in the area with a good company that they can stay with for decades, if they want, it is a blessing that means so much. As an aging community with many of us longing for our children to remain a short distance away, this group of young adults represents what we are so happy to see in this area, generations living as extended families, hopefully for decades to come.

Connie Mercer: Thank you for the large embroidery piece you donated to the Naselle Clinic. The framing is perfect, and your heart is most generous. It's so beautiful I'm sure it will calm patients who are anxious and remind all who see it of the beauty in our lives.

Wahkiakum West Broadband Meeting: Wahkiakum West is sponsoring a community meeting on Thursday, November 4 at 7 p.m. at the Skamokawa Grange to discuss broadband expansion to the Skamokawa area. All are invited.

School Board: There's a special Naselle/GRV School Board meeting on Wednesday, November 3 at 6:30. I've heard several reports that at the last board meeting, there were quite a few community members there with questions and strong feelings. This meeting is meant to give parents and others another opportunity to discuss their views. If you cannot make the special meeting on the third, the next regular School Board meeting will be on November 16, at 6:30.

Paint Class: November 13 at 2 p.m. Teacher will be Abbie Mumley at Naselle Community Center for $30. Contact Barb Swanson to register at 360-484-3602.

Halloween: So many fun things are happening on Halloween. Halloween The Bash is at the Naselle Community Center October 31 from 5 to 9 and the Trunk and Treat event will be at the State Patrol Office by the N/GRV school scheduled for 3-6. There are also numerous activities in the Cathlamet area. Read Kay Chamberlain's article to get more information on them. Weather forecasts appear to show good, if not great, weather on the weekend, so I hope the children and parents, cousins and aunties, grandparents and all, have a great time.

Appelo Archives Center Classes: The Archives Center is offering three Kantele classes on Saturdays October 23, November 20, and December 18 from 10 to noon. The Kantele is a Finnish instrument with soft sounds that soothe and relax listeners. Much like a dulcimer, the kantele is held on the lap and played there, but it has many more strings and a fuller sound.

FAFF Seasonal events: The Finnish American Folk Festival Board has scheduled the following events for December: The first weekend will include a wreath sale, the Deep River Church Concert will be on Sunday, December 5 at 1:30 p.m., followed by the tour of homes and Soup Supper. The Tour of Lights will be December 19 in the evening. I just got a glance of the Lights event last year and it was stupendous and so much fun. I plan to drive the full area that night.

Senior Lunches: CAP provides box lunches on Thursdays at Rosburg Hall at noon. Today's menu is sausage tortellini bake, sweet potatoes, tropical fruit salad, garlic bread and cookies. The Senior Lunch Club dates in November are November 3 and 17. Quote from Carol McClain from Skamokawa who comes to them regularly: "These are the best $5 meals anywhere!"

Word for the Week: Raincoat


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