Justice has been served


December 2, 2021

To The Eagle:

A recent writer stated that Kyle Rittenhouse had illegally purchased an AR-15 rifle; wrong! And that he was looking for trouble; wrong! He was there to protect a car lot from rioters and looters.

The writer also stated that three men were trying to subdue him; wrong again! One of these men told Kyle he was going to kill him and one of them hit him numerous times with a skateboard.

Does Mr. Bouchard know what a vigilante is? I would have done just what Mr. Rittenhouse did if people were out to burn businesses down here in Cathlamet or even 50 miles away in Astoria where I do business.

People should stop drinking the CNN and MSNBC Kool-Aid, Mr. Bouchard. A person who defends himself is a vigilante? No! That’s your second amendment right.

A jury of his peers listened to all the facts and came to the verdict of not guilty. Justice has been served.

Dan L. Cothren



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