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Outside animals need extra feed in the cold

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COLD/WET/SNOW?--Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? According to my current weather reports, that's exactly what they say is going to happen! Some may get excited about that, but if you have travel plans, that may make you rethink those. As we all know, these forecasts change constantly so just in case, be prepared if you're hitting the highways this weekend!

ANIMALS--My weather app is saying we are going to get snow and be freezing for several days and we may even get down to 21 degrees in Skamokawa in the upcoming week and those kinds of temperatures are really tough on the animals that are outside. In order for them to deal with the stress of multiple days of this kind of weather, it really requires that they are given extra feed of some really good quality stuff, and a place to get out of the severest weather should be provided as well. So if you have "outside kids," treat them to a Merry Christmas by taking good care of them!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Dec. 23-29 are Garret McClain, Kyla Gribskov, Ken Nickolaus, Grant Turner, Steve Smith, Lorraine McNally, Lauren Elfers, Brittany Vik, Jose Castillo, Linda Price, John Hoven Jr., Kole Langston, Shelby Mace, Nancy Bielman, Libby Thomas Ravander, Dylon Ravander, Calyn Fritzie, Megan Elliott, Skyler Grasseth, Donald Cooper, Lee Tischer, Matt Kuhl, Mason Davis, Alex Everman, Dan Bardsley, Kohl Bergseng, Josh Cochran, Traci Williams, Marja Ringen, Arve Ronninghaug, Toby Bell, Luke Pedersen and Frank Pedersen. Belated birthday wishes to MacKenzie Wilder who celebrated her fifth birthday earlier this week.

Happy Anniversary wishes go out to Armondo and Kristie Andreas-Donias. Here's wishing everyone with special days this week a wonderful day!

GIVE THE WARMTH--Even though Christmas is right upon us, some things still need to be given to those in need not only for the holidays but beyond, like warm outer clothing such as coats, hats, gloves and scarves. The Puget Island FD Auxiliary is still collecting these items and will continue to do so even after Christmas has come and gone, so please think about donating these items to them. There is a collection barrel near the Puget Island Fire Department and if you have any questions or have things to donate but can't travel, or just want more info, call Sherrill at 360-951-3985 or Liz at 360-200-2247.

STILL SHOPPING?--It seems many stores are finally getting some shipments in that I'm sure they've been waiting for and only now receiving, so please check out your local shops for those new "just in" items. One of those places is the Skamokawa Store, so with some new shirt designs and colors, here's your chance to pick up a few last minute things.

EVENTS PLANNED?--If you're a group or an organization that holds big fund raising events in our county, and you have yet to contact the Chamber of Commerce about it, please hurry and do that right away so you can be listed on their 2022 events calendar. This is not for local meetings but for actual events, like Flea Markets, Wine Tastings, Auctions, Kite Festivals, Salmon Derby, Car Shows, big dinners for Special Occasions like a Valentine Dinner, etc, all those kinds of things that need a lot of prior advertising to make them worthwhile holding in order to raise money for their various causes. So please help yourself by getting this "free" advertising jump start by calling 360-795-9996 or stopping by the Scarborough building at the end of Main Street and giving them your upcoming event info.

When listing things on the calendar, don't forget the four W's: Who, (identify the group that is putting it on); What, (what kind of event is it); Where (the building/town/area where it will be held) and When (date and time) and also a contact number for whoever is in charge so they can be contacted for further information. With people having busy lives and planning their time weeks in advance, the idea of trying to hold a successful, last minute fund raiser usually doesn't work out all that well, so advanced advertising works best.

NEW YEAR'S CELEBRATION--Please check out all your local night spots to see what they're doing for New Year's Eve, which will be happening next Friday night, Dec. 31. I'm sure there will be dinner specials and music and all sorts of fun, so if need be, contact them and make those reservations now!

SAD NEWS--It was with extreme sadness that we learned of the passing of Larry Bonds this past week down in Arizona. Many of you know that it was Larry that had the NAPA store back in the day and he also gave my son, Brandon, his start as a mechanic there. It wound up being a good fit for the both of them. When Larry sold the business to Joel Moore, Larry was able to travel more and enjoyed wintering with his family in Arizona. Sadly, this was his last trip and he will truly be missed by all those that knew him as he'd been a wonderful member of our community. Our deepest sympathies go out to his wife, Penny and their children.

OTHER LOSSES--We also heard that Marilyn Wilt had passed away just short of her 70th birthday. She was the aunt of Cheryl Backman, and with the family recently losing a couple of other family members, this has truly been a sad time for the family that is left behind. We offer our condolences to their family members once again.

We were sorry to learn of three other losses in last week's paper, so we certainly send our condolences to the families of David Zimmerman, Bob Burdick and Juanita Rodahl, who were all just wonderful folks that we've known "forever."

OUT OF THE PAST--This week back in 1951, the week began with a beautiful clear day which was perfect for the Everests to take a walk and deliver gifts to Agnes and Rosemary W. which included nice visits as well. They got word that day that local resident, Bob Olsen was now in Korea. On one of the nastier days of the week, a man hit a pole near the Garrish's home and took out all the toll lines. Sad times for the Bradleys as Harold Bradley passed away Dec. 27.

Dec. 24 was the birthday of Elsie Everest's brother, George Walker. That Christmas Eve began with a beautiful but cold day but by noon, it began to snow; luckily it cleared up so family members could still travel to Longview to meet at the home of Marian and Leon Healy. Those present were the Healy children, Donna and Gene and also Anna Congdon, who was Leon's grandmother, George and Ruby Everest and daughter, Patty Everest, as well as Ralph and Elsie Everest. On the Pedersen side, there was Krist, Carol, Ralph B., Frank, David and Kay Pedersen from Puget Island, who drove the Everests up in their new Mercury which had a very good heater according to Grandma Elsie! After enjoying good food, gifts and great visits, they toured around some of Longview and enjoyed the lights, especially around the Monticello Hotel and then sang Christmas carols on the way home. On Dec. 29, Frank Pedersen enjoyed a very snowy 13th birthday and Skamokawa had three inches of snow really early that day. It was still snowing at 10 p.m. in Cathlamet and even harder at midnight so it was piling up! It was this quiet, calm, white world which gave the Everests cause to reflect upon the last year and the upcoming new year. All this according to my Grandma Elsie's 1951 diary.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you this Saturday! For those of you who get this paper a little later than others, I hope you had a great Christmas and here's wishing you and everybody else a Happy New Year 2022 a little early!


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