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Star Program ends another season

To The Eagle:

The Star Program of Wahkiakum is finished with the 2021 season. We are happy to report that with all the donations, the star placement locations, and the help of the great people of Wahkiakum County, it was another successful year.

We are ever so grateful for each and every person that donated time, money, and gifts to the program for the children.

We would like to thank the Fire Department Santa Run for collecting toys and money and donating them to the program.

And special kudos to the young couple that found a star that someone had dropped in a parking lot, then shopped for the star, making one child very happy.

Last, but for sure not the least, we welcome our newest member to our team, Pam Conrad, as our admin for the FaceBook ap. She has truly stepped up and saved us from lots of trouble because she is tech savvy.

NovaLee Knopp

Star Program Director


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