Covid-19 update

With 4 new cases, county now totals 301


February 10, 2022

Four new covid-19 cases in the past week brought Wahkiakum County’s cumulative number of cases to 301, with 19 considered active.

The number of reported hospitalizations has risen to 21, and deaths attributed to the virus stands at five.

The number of patients being treated for covid-19 at St. John Hospital had risen to 33 as of Tuesday.

The state is reporting that 72.8 percent of Washington’s population age five and up is considered to be fully vaccinated, while 80.2 percent have had at least one dose. In Wahkiakum County, 50.5 percent of the population age five and up is considered to be fully vaccinated, while 54.5 percent have initiated vaccination.

Also of note, 956 people in Wahkiakum County have received a booster shot.

Omicron, mask mandate discussed

“Cases are still pretty high in Washington, but the decline appears to be happening,” Wahkiakum Health and Human Services Director Chris Bischoff said.

“Multiple states are either removing or reducing their mask mandates,” Bischoff noted. “Expectations are that Washington will follow suit in the next few weeks. The governor has not given any indication to local public health, but it seems likely he will follow the lead of other governors as the current wave continues to diminish.”

Pediatric vaccines coming

The Department of Health has begun to reach out to providers to get orders for pediatric vaccines, for children six months to four years old, Bischoff said. The vaccine is still pending approval, which is expected to come in the next couple weeks.

The Centers for Disease Control is now recommending that people who are moderately or severely immunocompromised receive another booster five months after their third dose, according to Bischoff.

For the moderately or severely immunocompromised person receiving their very first dose now, they would get a second dose in three weeks if they are receiving the Pfizer vaccine, and in four weeks if they are receiving the Moderna vaccine. They should get their third dose 28 days after the second dose, and a booster five months after the third dose.

Vaccines are still available at the Cathlamet Pharmacy, or through your personal medical provider, as well as the health department. Contact the health department at 360-849-4041 for more information or to schedule a vaccine.


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