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Your Thesaurus is boring me

To The Eagle:

I’ve got to tell you that some people tend to put abortion into two simple categories, one being pro-choice people and the other they seem to think are just religious zealots. Well there is a third group of which I am a charter member. The one that doesn't like seeing one of their own kind being ruthlessly murdered because two people were too stupid or lazy to use contraceptives if they didn't want a baby.

In a letter last week a writer referred to the unborn as a blastocyst, a fetus, and an embryo. I guess you need to refer to an unborn child that way so you can live with yourself. It is a human baby nothing more and certainly nothing less.

The writer states that if I drop a baby from one hand and a blastocyst out of a petri dish from the other at head height, something that he believes proves his ridiculous point would happen, well I guess the writer wasn't the one in the petri dish when dropped during the test way back when.

I hope and pray Roe v. Wade is overturned and instead of the threat of back alley abortions we are told will happen, how about don't make babies you don't want.

What in the world is a blastocyst anyway? Someone is watching way too much Dr. Pimple Popper.

Paul Schreiber



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