Election 2022

Filing for office starts on Monday


Filing for offices on this year’s election ballots opens next Monday.

All county offices will be on the ballot, and the District 3 Wahkiakum PUD commissioner will be on the ballot. Other positions include US Senator, District 3 congressional representative, and the two state District 19 representatives.

Several people have announced they will run for local offices.

Incumbent Prosecuting Attorney Dan Bigelow has announced he will seek re-election. This week, Cathlamet native Holly McKeen announced she will be a candidate for the position (see story elsewhere in this issue).

Incumbent Assessor Bill Coons has announced he will not run for re-election, and his deputy, Fallon Hoven, has announced she will run for the position.

Sheriff Mark Howie and PUD Commissioner Dennis Reid, both incumbents, have announced they will seek re-election.

The county auditor’s office will open at 8 a.m. for filing in person; on-line filing opens at 9 a.m. at https://voter.votewa.gov/candidatefiling/candidatelogin.aspx.

District County(ies) Office Term Incumbent Filing Fee

Federal Statewide U.S. Senator 6-year Regular term, Partisan Patty Murray $1,740.00

CONG. DIST. 3 Various U.S. Representative 2-year Regular term, Partisan Jaime Herrera Beutler $1,740.00

Statewide Statewide Secretary of State 2-year Unexpired term, Partisan Steve Hobbs $1,346.40

LEG. DISTRICT 19 6 Counties State Rep. Pos. 1 2-year Regular term, Partisan Jim Walsh $568.81

LEG. DISTRICT 19 6 Counties State Rep. Pos. 2 2-year Regular term, Partisan Joel McEntire $568.81

County Wahkiakum County Assessor 4-year Regular term, Partisan Bill Coons $790.93

County Wahkiakum County Auditor 4-year Regular term, Partisan Nicci Bergseng $790.93

County Wahkiakum County Clerk 4-year Regular term, Partisan Kay M. Holland $790.93

County Wahkiakum County Sheriff 4-year Regular term, Partisan Mark C. Howie $1,000.15

County Wahkiakum County Treasurer 4-year Regular term, Partisan Tammy Peterson $790.93

County Wahkiakum Prosecuting Attorney 4-year Regular term, Partisan Dan Bigelow $1,548.22

County Wahkiakum Commissioner #3 4-year Regular term, Partisan Gene Strong $383.80

SUPREME COURT Statewide Justice Position #01 6-year Regular term, Nonpartisan Mary I. Yu $2,203.20

SUPREME COURT Statewide Justice Position #05 6-year Regular term, Nonpartisan Barbara Madsen $2,203.20

SUPREME COURT Statewide Justice Position #06 6-year Regular term, Nonpartisan G. Helen Whitener $2,203.20

Court of Appeals 6 Counties. Judge Position 2 6-year Regular term, Nonpartisan Anne Cruser $2,097.30

County Wahkiakum District Court Judge 4-year Regular term, Nonpartisan Heidi L. Heywood $767.13

Wahkiakum PUD Wahkiakum Commissioner #3 6-year Regular term, Nonpartisan Dennis R. Reid $120.00


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