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To The Eagle:

Is it really the gun and gunman’s fault? Or is it the lack of security at the school? How did an 18 year old kid get into a grade school anyhow?

A few years ago, my wife was volunteering at the school garden here in Cathlamet. She needed me to bring her something from home, and I happily agreed to take it to her. I asked for directions once I got to the school and she said I could drive right up to the garden. So, off I went in my great big SUV and followed her instructions. Soon there I was driving at lunchtime and the nearby playground was full of grade school children. Of course, I was very careful about driving amongst the children, but it quickly occurred to me that I should not be able to do this. No adult present ever tried to stop me or question what I was doing.

There is a gate where I entered the grassy area but it wasn’t closed. That same year there was a levy to vote for more money for security for the schools. I had to vote no. If they aren’t using the existing safety measures (gate), why give them more money?

Again I ask, how can an adult walk into a grade school without being confronted by a responsible adult? It would be a lot simpler to secure schools than rid the country of guns. And it’s surely impossible to get rid of the nut-cakes that think killing is a reasonable option.

Steve Sharp

Puget Island


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