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Truth or fiction?

To The Eagle:

I base my letters and opinions on facts, as best I can find them. When reading letters from 5/26, several fictitious comments need correction, in my opinion! 45 did not sever ties with NATO! He did threaten to, much to the delight of Putin. He did pull out of WHO, during a worldwide pandemic, in my opinion bad timing. Did not sever ties with CCP, but added many tariffs for us, the public, to pay, a form of tax. He did pull out of the Iran deal, leading to a speed-up of uranium enrichment by the Iranians and raising oil prices. He did pull out of TTP, which was designed to curb China’s grip on the Pacific trade. He did pull out of NAFTA, creating part of the formula problem, in dairy tariffs on Canada, renamed with few changes.

When Mitch McConnell repeatedly says he will not even allow bills to the floor, how can Biden work with Republicans? McConnell has been the immovable object: He has frustrated House Democrats by systematically blocking Senate votes so far on the lengthening list of bills they have passed, from gun control to additional protections for patients with preexisting health problems.

We have an immigration problem that neither side will do anything about; while Republicans use it every election cycle, to bash Democrats as if they are holding up proposals from the Republicans. None have been brought on, other than a wall Mexico would pay for.

A good many companies, corporations, builders and so on, are desperate to find workers. I suggest allowing those here working under the table to receive work permits so they will be paying taxes. Give worker visas to all those so very willing to work and fill those vacancies, creating more taxable wages. Immigrants added $2 trillion to the U.S. GDP in 2016 and $458.7 billion to state, local, and federal taxes in 2018. Imagine how much more today. Tell me, whose job they would take; if so, why?

Poul Toftemark



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