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MAYBE NICE?--As we have seen, our June weather is definitely Spring weather; as in “springing a leak from every cloud” kind of weather! They say we may be in for a few dry days this coming week, but with temperatures in the low to mid-60s, it’s definitely not going to be setting any heat records. However, summer officially begins on June 21, which is scheduled to be dry, so we’ll hope that’s the beginning of our “real” summer so that our farmers can get those crops to grow and get them harvested before they either drown or rot. Fingers crossed!

CONGRATS--We must offer our heartiest of congratulations to the WA-KI-HI Robotics team. The Mecha Mules were totally awesome and considering this was an international event from teams across the globe, it makes their second and third place wins, even more impressive! Great job, everybody; you were just fantastic!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from June 16-22 are Jason Ledtke, Mike Paulsen Jr., Deloris Wages, Brienne Howell, Krista Fritzie, Megan Vincent, Tom Parker, Lore Twiet, Dawn Wika, Erik Grasseth, Billie Bardsley, Tyson Clark, Monica Frank-Budd, Jerry DeBriae, Bobby Helms, Signe Sause, Keith Hoofnagle, Lori Smith, Danny Helms, Logan LaBerge, Kay Holland, Tom Parker, Bailey Havens, Angel Rose, Rhonda Pedersen, Sarah Palmer and 67’er Marcia Rich Hage. Have terrific birthdays, everybody!

Those celebrating anniversaries this week are Steve and Debbie McClain, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Montgomery, Calvin and Cindy Grasseth, Tucker and Madison Stanley, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Souvenir, Chris and Lacey Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nortrup, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan McCoy, Phil and Elaine Rolf and Larri and Sally Palmer. Here’s hoping all your anniversary celebrations are special this year!

THURSDAY--If you’re reading this before noon on Thursday, then you still have time to come down to the Free Community Breakfast at the Skamokawa Grange Hall. This is held from 10 to 12 each Thursday, so head to 18 Fairgrounds road with your favorite mug and maybe even a treat to share and enjoy some grub and some gab too!

THIS FRIDAY--Once again, the Farmers Market and Trunk Sale will be held at the Elochoman Slough Marina. This starts at 3 p.m., and goes until 6, so we hope you can fit those hours into your busy schedules! Call Deb Holland at 360-849-9401 for more info and she’ll happily get you signed up and added to her list of vendors.

FOS--The Friends of Skamokawa held their opening day reception of their latest exhibit, “Grand Ol Flag.” The exhibit will be there for awhile, so I hope you get a chance to head up that way and see it. For hall hours, call 360-795-3007.

SERVICE ON SATURDAY--Reminder: A Celebration of Life service will be held for Dave Heiner at the Dowling Funeral home in Cathlamet this Saturday, June 18, at noon. A graveside service will be held afterwards at Greenwood Cemetery. Sadly, Dave passed away at the age of just 55 from ALS on May 29 in California. May his “Can Do” spirit now rest in peace.

FATHER’S DAY--It’s time to celebrate Dad this Sunday, as it’s Father’s Day! We make a much bigger fuss over Mother’s Day it seems, but hey, your Dad, or someone who has been like a Dad to you, deserves to be recognized too, so here’s hoping you’ll do something special for him.

WOMAN'S CLUB--Are you doing some Spring cleaning and have some decent items you’d like to donate? The Cathlamet Woman’s Club will hold a “drop off day” for those of you who may have some of the things they are looking for. The group will take kitchen items, tools, children's toys in good condition, sports items and such, so if you have a few of those things, head to 38 East Sunny Sands on Puget Island on Wednesday, June 22 between 10 a.m., and 2 p.m., and drop them off. They do not want large items like kitchen appliances, beds, mattresses, etc. You can send Connie Kyser a message via Facebook if you need another time to drop off your things.

ANOTHER CHOICE--When it comes to having extra stuff, we all seem to have plenty, so if you’d like to help others and share some of it with a couple of groups, I know that the Puget Island Fire Auxiliary group would also like to take some of those items off your hands for the big PIGYS sale. Contact Sherrill at 360-951-3985 or Liz at 360-200-2247 and they can arrange for you to drop them off.

PIGYS--Hurry, hurry, the Puget Island Garage and Yard Sale will be held June 24, 25 and 26, so be sure to contact Sandie York at 360-430-0951 ASAP to get on her list. Happy shopping to all of you and hopefully there won’t be any issues with folks parking where they shouldn’t. Everyone should be mindful of the extra traffic on the island for those three days. You don’t want to have to deal with a fender bender when all you want to do is shop for those great bargains!

CLASS OF ‘82 REUNION--Ed Whittle would like to remind all of you who were in WHS Class of 1982, that there will be a 40th class reunion on July 9. It will be held at the River Mile 38 Brewery by the Elochoman Marina and will take place at 2 p.m., until whenever they get done talking and eating! They have also invited any other classes from the 80s to come and say hello. It’s all about having fun, so bring a date and enjoy seeing all those “kids” you hung out with in high school!

CLASS OF ’67--On July 16, shortly after the Bald Eagle Day parade, the WHS Class of 1967 will get together at the home of Dale Jacobson, so that would be around 1:30, to celebrate their 55th reunion. As usual, it’s bring your favorite dish and drink, and you might even want to bring a chair and sit and gab a bit. David West will bring all the plates and utensils and the Lawrences will bring their tasty ribs and Kay C. will bring some chicken and a cake and all others can fill in the rest. Odds are we will not starve to death! Other WHS classes are welcome to stop by and say hello as well. As we get older, there are fewer of us every year, so it’s time to make time to see each other now, while we’re still kickin’. Maybe not too high, but hey, we’re still tryin’!

CLASS REUNION--On August 20, the WHS Class of 1972 will hold their special 50th class reunion at the covered area in Elochoman Slough Marina. Beings this is an extra special time for them, they are not inviting other classes to pop in, so they ask that you please honor their request. They’ll be entertaining everyone in coming years however. If you are a member of this class and have yet to be contacted, be sure that you reach out so you can get all the information you need to attend this special reunion. Contact Darlene Almer at

FESTIVAL THIS YEAR--As a little reminder, the Finnish American Folk Festival will take place this year in Naselle, with the dates being July 29-31. This event takes place every other year, so if you miss it this year, it won’t take place again until 2024. The last I knew, the Naselle High School is the center of this festival and the school is right on the highway across from the intersection where one would turn to go to Astoria, so you can’t miss it. I’m sure they’ll be posting a full list of things going on at a later date but I can tell you one thing, there’s always great food!

COUPLE MONTHS--As you’ve probably noticed, the time is just flying by and it will be time for our county fair in no time flat! So, here’s to taking those wonderful photos and getting them all framed up and ready to show and those seamstresses need to get those sewing machines all revved up and those quilters had best be finishing up that quilt real soon too, as well as those card makers and other talented folks who want to enter their things into the fair! It’s early to be canning just yet, but soon there will be a bunch of lovely veggies and fruits growing which you can show off, either as is, or in something like a canned food item or a baker item; the list in endless! So, please enter something in the fair and enjoy taking home a nice blue ribbon and some cash too; it’s fun for the whole family. Remember, fair time is August 18, 19 and 20 this year. Spread the word!

LAMONT ROSE--Well, until this past week, I had never heard of the “Lamont Rose.” Very curious! At any rate, Pearl Blackburn hadn’t heard of the Lamont Mansion that used to be in Skamokawa, so I filled her in about that, and then she pointed out a rose bush in front of the Skamokawa Resort, that was evidently one of those that had been in front of the Lamont Mansion at one time, and thus, was the “Lamont Rose.” It is a deep red color and it has a wonderful scent to it and folks say that it is almost a “wild rose” as it was widely spread around the area at one time. I had no idea!

In case you didn’t know, the Lamont Mansion used to sit on what is now SR 4 at MP 29. We’re told Mr. Lamont built it for his bride. However, once the highway came through, and the bridge was built in 1930, it had to go and was taken down. Some windows from this mansion are still visible in one of those houses prior to coming into Skamokawa, where the Charles Parkers used to live. The stairs were all that was left of the mansion site but sadly, due to the crumbling nature of them and them being an insurance issue for the new resort owners, they were removed during the remodeling of that area.

As many of you know, or might not know, the historic Redmen Hall/Central School building was also down there on the highway spot, but it was hauled up the hill to its present location and has enjoyed its current look after the Friends of Skamokawa bought it and have lovingly restored it. Huge undertakings by both the movers back in the day and the FOS in the 80’s!


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